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21 People Who Have Managed To Live Their Entire Lives Without Seeing "Star Wars"

They're just not feeling the Force.

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1. This person who some how managed not to watch a single piece of Star Wars footage until 2017:

fun fact: i've never seen anything star wars related until i was forced to see the trailer before watching thor ragnarok

2. This person who is actually missing out on two of the biggest franchises EVER:

So I’ve never seen Harry Potter or Star Wars and I wanna watch both but idk which one to watch first🤔

3. This person who seems to be begrudgingly forced to watch a film:

I’ve never seen a single Star Wars movie in my life and I’m going to have to now 🙈🙄😂

4. This person who thinks the parody is good enough:

I’ve never seen Star Wars but I’ve seen the family guy Star Wars episodes several times so it’s basically the same.

5. This person who is willing to take a fans place just for the sake of winning a contest:

Why did I just enter myself into a contest for the private screening of the new Star Wars movie when I've never see…

6. This person who is overwhelmed where even to begin:

Ok so I really want to get into the Star Wars movies and I have no idea where to start. Keep in mind, I’ve never seen Star Wars

7. This person who might have not had a childhood:

I've never seen "The Lion King, "Star Wars," or "E.T" Was I deprived as a kid? Lol

8. This person who is just winging their knowledge:

I've never seen a Star Wars movie in my life & my baby cousin wants me to role play with all the characters & i hav…

9. This person who almost caused a car crash:

I just told my Uber driver I've never seen Star Wars and he legit slammed on the brakes

10. This person who is just a "poser":

Omg I wore a Star Wars shirt today and everyone's been complimenting me on it and I feel like such a poser bc I've…

11. This person whose friend had the only appropriate reaction to them having never seen a film:

One of my friends hasn’t talked to me in two weeks cause I told them I’ve never seen the Star Wars movies. Should I be mad or???

12. This person who enjoys riding Star Tours – The Adventures Continue at Disney, but has no idea what's going on:

I was FINALLY the Rebel Spy! Idk what it means bc I’ve never seen Star Wars, but I was on the screen. One step clos…

13. This person who is just upsetting strangers:

Told a customer today, I’ve never seen any of the star wars movies, he looked genuinely heartbroken, I thought he was going to cry.

14. This person (on the left) who dressed as a character they really have NO idea about:

Been dressing up for #Halloween w/ my big sis forever. Happy Halloween Y’all! Don’t judge me, but I’ve never seen S…

15. This person who is getting their sci-fi space dramas confused:

I’m reminded that I’ve never seen a Star Wars and that Star Trek is apparently different.

16. This person who is blissfully unaware they're shipping Poe and Finn:

did i spend a portion of my shift this morning replacing kyle ron funkos with finn and poe even tho i've never seen star wars? maybe

17. This person who was just in it for the ~Insta~:

I've never even seen Star Wars but y'know

18. This person that wears it as a badge of honor:

I'm not ashamed to say I've never seen a star wars film. Ever.

19. This person who is clearly avoiding every classic movie ever made:

Popular movies I've never seen The Godfather Star Wars Terminator Batman Mean girls Jaws Titanic The matrix Back to the future

20. This person who decided to wiki it instead of watching them:

@ThatOtherRuben I've never seen Star Wars and read the synopses of all the films on wikipedia to fit in at school

21. And finally, this person who stans Mark Hamill...but for his role on Criminal Minds:

When you see Mark Hamill at an event, but you've never watched Star Wars, so you fangirl because he played the Replicator on Criminal Minds.

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