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20 Details I Guarantee You Didn't Notice In "The Last Jedi" That Will Blow Your Mind

Turns out Holdo's not a natural lavender and Kylo's really into calligraphy.

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Hello. We're Crystal, Brian, and Allie, and we're all huge STAR WARS NERDS! Recently we picked up the book Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Visual Dictionary, which was chock-full of little details and tidbits that you might not know were incorporated into the film. Also, it answered some questions we had about the film!

Here are some our favorite things we learned thanks to the book (spoilers ahead):


2. Darth Vader's helmet was on General Hux's ship the Finalizer during the entire film.


The helmet may have been left there by Kylo, since he was not ready to face Vader after failing to get the map to Luke in Force Awakens.

3. Admiral Raddus (from Rogue One) and Admiral Ackbar were contemporaries who often did not see eye to eye.


5. The idea for the First Order to be able to track ships through hyperspace originated from a secret Imperial think tank named the "Tarkin Initiative."


Also, the fact that the Empire was looking into hyperspace tracking was mentioned in Rogue One.

6. Vice Admiral Holdo wears the outfit she does (instead of a uniform) as a sign of her devotion to her home planet, Gatalenta — which is known for its independent spirit.


10. The location of Luke's new Jedi Temple was a complete secret to everyone, except for his students.


This is also why Luke immediately knew that Ben/Kylo destroyed it, as it could only be someone within his own order.

11. Porgs and Lanais are distant relatives.

12. It was actually Bail Organa who originally discovered Crait (the planet in the film's finale) during the early days of the Rebellion.


Later, Leia visited the planet when she was 16, and decided to build a Rebel base there.

13. While Finn was in recovery, Poe stitched up the tear on the right-hand shoulder of his jacket (which was cut by Kylo's lightsaber in Force Awakens).


16. The bombs Paige Tico dropped weren't really "dropped" — instead, they used electromagnetic plates to be drawn to their targets.

19. Captain Phasma's chromium-plated armor was made from an Imperial yacht that once belonged to Emperor Palpatine.