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These Are The 10 Most Important Parenting Lessons The Mandalorian Learned After Adopting Baby Yoda

From one Mandalorian to another.

1. Don't kill in front of the innocent!


Alright, Mando. We know a job is a job, but killing droids, bounty hunters, and Mudhorns in front of your green, elf-eared baby Yoda should be avoided at all costs. Unless it's bounty hunters who are trying to kill The Child, of course. Then this is the way.

2. Feed the child the best foods.


Baby Yodas need food! Here's what we know: they love eating galactic frog-like creatures and bone broth. Make sure they're always full and get plenty of naps!

3. Don't take your kid to work, especially if you're a bounty hunter.


After accepting a mission from the Jawas, The Mandalorian and Child battle a huge Mudhorn for its egg. When the Mandalorian can't handle the creature himself, Baby Yoda saves his dad and passes out after using the Force.

While fighting Mudhorns can be a father/son bonding experience, it's probably better to wait until your Baby Yoda is a little older to take him out on the battlefield. He's only 50, after all!

4. Choose the right daycare.


Yes, the Galactic Empire would love to watch over The Child. But should they? No! Make sure that when you're fulfilling a bounty that you leave The Child in safe hands and not in a dangerous situation where they're getting experimented on.

5. Find a place to settle down if you can.


The Mandalorian lands the ship on Sorgan and visits a village filled with happy children, food, and hopping frogs. Baby Yoda seems to be having the time of his life until another bounty hunter has him locked on to shoot. Knowing that their location is compromised, the duo continue on.

If you can, try to find a planet within the galaxy in which you two can lay low in for as long as possible. It might not be easy, but allowing the Child a little bit of normalcy is nice.

6. Don't leave your baby with strangers.


The Mandalorian is busy. He's always mending his ship, fixing his armor, and taking the worst jobs in the galaxy to pay the bills and keep The Child safe. That doesn't mean you should pawn off The Child to just anyone while you go on an adventure! Don't leave your Baby Yoda with strangers because you never know what their agendas are.

Also, if you do trust someone, don't lose an arm wrestle while Baby Yoda is watching or they may choke out your friend. It's because they care!

7. Don't let just anyone hold your child either.


In line with not leaving your baby with strangers, you shouldn't let just anyone hold them either because you never know when a devious mercenary will use The Child as a bargaining chip or drop them.

8. Plan your overnight trips accordingly.


If you're going to gather all the beloved individuals that we've grown close to over the last few episodes around a campfire, do some scouting to make sure the vicinity is clear. The last thing Mando wants are crazy flying creatures trying to nab the green beady-eyed elf and fly off into the distant night!

9. Let The Child enjoy the little things in life.


You're only young once, so be sure to allow Baby Yoda time to have fun. In a galaxy full of people trying to kill you and the Child, make time to chase frogs! Play ball! Just make sure the Child doesn't press any buttons that will accidentally destroy your ship.

10. Accept the role of a new parent.


You might have initially been a hard-working bounty hunter, but you've just gained a new title: galactic parent. Unless you can return The Child to its people, it's your responsibility to care and raise. Take pride in your new 50-year-old space child; this is the way after all!