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Baby Yoda Is Now In "The Sims 4" And It's Everything

*fills every room with nothing but Yoda statues*

Like the rest of the world, I am completely and utterly obsessed with Baby Yoda.

Disney +

*cries in Mandalorian*

I'm also pretty wild about "The Sims." I love playing it almost as much as I love Baby Yoda.

Electronic Arts

So when I found out that Baby Yoda was added to "The Sims 4," I was OVER THE MOON!!!

New Line Cinema

In its latest update, the game surprised players with a new Baby Yoda statue decoration! You can add it from the Build Mode catalog and place it anywhere your Sim heart desires.

Sims Community / Via

Players: But what about children? Sims: We love The Child too.


Sims Community / Via

I'm overjoyed by the news. And so are many of my fellow Simmers:

Okay but baby yoda is coming to the sims and it's all I care about in life

Okay say cheese!!📸 Baby yoda and his new friends ❤️ @TheSims @TheSimCommunity @SimGuruFrost @SimGuruNinja @SimGuruNick

stop scrolling and look at baby yoda in the sims

I built a baby Yoda shrine on the sims 4 and everyone should go download it

Whoever designed this wonderful update, I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart: