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February 24, 2018

The food will tell all...


Are you ready to be a star?

You're welcome.

Eat up and fly away!

Embrace the anarchy.

Well done, Disney.

Be honest.

"I don't like potatoes, can I substitute them for fries?"

The Broward County Sheriff's Office is investigating the response to the shooting by its own deputies, including the school officer who resigned Thursday.


I scream for a Friends reunion show!

Titanic almost blew it, tbh.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said the document was necessary to correct “many distortions and inaccuracies” in the Republican memo.

We're going north!

All the things standing between you and the best cake of your life.

Let's talk about when sex hurts and what you can do about it.

LMAO @ the girl who bought a goat.

"I hear all my favorite songs at the grocery store."

These are 100% not true at all.

David Duncan, who has since been released, said he was "deeply sorry" for the incident.


Sometimes "oops" doesn't do it justice.

Spaghetti + Strawberries + Whipped Cream = YES.

You've spent your entire life hearing the phrase, "You're the perfect height for an armrest."

At least three of Lawrence Krauss’s speaking engagements have been canceled after BuzzFeed News revealed a string of sexual harassment allegations against him.

**Books appointment immediately**

To sleep or not to sleep?

Literally my life.

Try these after dinner.

Are you secretly a mixologist?

I want whatever toxic spill they got.

But she loves the Kardashians.

lol wtf???

Just some good flouncy outfits.

There's a lot of crazy stuff on this show.

You're probably out of this world.

We're about to get another look at Stephen Avery's case.

"I could write a book about what a horrible job they did with this movie but I'm afraid they would try to turn that book into a movie and butcher it too."

Spring break, baby!

"A kiss makes your day but anal makes your hole weak."

People are paying tribute to Chambers by sharing some of their favourite moments.

"Did I do that?" — You, acing this super hard quiz.

Steele said the comment shows an ugly side of the Republican party.

Are you a fruit connoisseur?

Spice up your life.

I don't know what the pug has to do with the wedding, but I'm here for it.


Traveling is just an excuse to eat.

Several high schools said students who participate in walkouts could be suspended, but colleges say they won't penalize them.

Perhaps we are more similar than we realize.

"Ladies it's time for me to retire from K-pop."

"I wish I was in Texas."

Pick your details carefully.

"Why is being alive so expensive? I'm not even having a good time."

But that doesn't mean Annihilation isn’t worth watching. Some spoilers (sort of — it's not a very spoilable movie) below.

She’s been threatened with rape, burned in effigy, and been mocked by a major party leader using an inflatable sex doll. Now Laura Boldrini, the speaker of the Italian Parliament, stays in a secret location while running for reelection.

🎶 partner, let me upgrade you 🎶

Will you be a cool mum or a regular mum?

Graves' disease causes symptoms like irritability, period abnormalities, fatigue, and a racing heartbeat.

Let's not go out of tune.

Your kid's basically on the "president or prison" track.

The president's son had a cozy fireside chat in India, where his talk about "Indo-Pacific" relations quickly became a series of softball questions about what it was like to see his father in charge.

Conservative vice chair Ben Bradley has agreed to make a "substantial donation" to a charity of Corbyn's choosing.

It doesn't get easier than this.

"what up I'm Josh and class is cancelled cuz I'm tired"


Harvey Weinstein’s fall from power may have opened the floodgates in Hollywood, but Asian-American actors and producers say a lack of representation makes it harder for them to speak up.




True love does exist, guys.

First comes love, then comes marriage.


Get organized!

Life, an organisation which has incorrectly linked abortion to breast cancer, ranks highly in several searches relating to seeking abortion services.

😩「映画のロマンチックなシーンって、現実だったら最悪だなって思うんです」 😎「例えばどんな?」


"I have to do something. This is my city, this is my university, and maybe, hopefully, the university for my kids as well."

Love knows no borders.


Is spice your life?

橋田壽賀子さんの一論考で、日本でも安楽死を巡る議論が活発になっている。見落とされている問題はないのか? 欧米で取材を重ねたジャーナリストに聞いた。

¡La cuenta, por favor!

「お先どうぞ ゆづる心に 金メダル」


Killmonger podría ser mi rey cuando quisiera.




"I just want to listen to Taylor Swift alone." - Jess Day


Are you more Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese?

Party's here!

It all comes down to the toppings.

If you stay in bed all day, you probably won't pass this quiz...

Enjoy your weekend.

So long and thanks for all the CAAAAAAAAARP!


"Estoy entre pagar mi boda o el álbum Panini."


In South Korea, beauty isn't "something to be envied, but something to be attained." —Dr. Joo Kwon





"The BuzzFeed Quiz Conundrum"

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a target "Red to Blue" program for 2018 — currently backing two dozen candidates in House races. None of the candidates are black to the frustration of a black Democratic group. The DCCC says they'll meet with them.

Unlike past versions of Twitter cryptocurrency phishing, @TronFoundationl is different: It has a verification badge, the blue check mark that Twitter uses to delineate famous or important accounts from imposters.

Would you take your partner's last name?


The human body is a weird thing.

"I just want to, you know, get it off my chest in case something does happen and I do believe something’s going to happen," the woman told the FBI, according to a newly released transcript of the call.

Mr. Grey will see you now...

Welcome back, boys.

Do you know what benching means?

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