10 Ways You May Be Self-Sabotaging Your Relationship

    Hindsight is always 20/20.

    Relationships can be tough. Sometimes it feels like you're doing them right, and other times it feels like literally everything is falling apart, and you're the reason behind it.

    1. You always assume the worst-case scenarios are true.

    2. You prioritize everything else in your life because you think your relationship isn’t going anywhere.

    3. You put meaning and motive behind the things your partner says or does.

    4. You play the ~blame game~ because your partner is an easy target.

    5. You think it’s not safe to talk about or bring up the things that are bothering you.

    6. You keep a running score of who’s right or wrong.

    7. You put negative labels on your partner.

    8. You hold your partner or your relationship to unrealistically high expectations.

    9. You assume your partner knows, or ~should~ know things.

    10. You think that in order for the relationship to be “right,” the both of you have to be willing to devote all your time and energy to each other.

    Remember, everyone makes mistakes. This shit is not easy, but you can do it!