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What's The Best Natural Hair Tip Or Hack Every Black Girl Should Know?

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Every naturalista's hair journey is unique.

But if there's a tip or trick that works for you, chances are they'll work for someone else too! / Via Elite Daily

Maybe you've conquered those knots by using a double detangler comb and starting at your ends. / Via Heels to High Tops

Or maybe you swear by cold water rinses for smoother, shinier coils. / Via Chizi Duru

Perhaps you've figured out how to actually stretch your hair without heat. / Via Satomi Baldwin

Or you've discovered something you can't live without, like a curling sponge... / Via DaniNicoleee / Youtube

...Or a fly headwrap for those low-maintenance days. / Via Boldly

We wanna know, so tell us in the comments below: What natural hair tips and tricks should every naturalista know? You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post! / Via Boldly

Feel free to share relevant pics!!!