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    15 Beauty Hacks You Can Do With Good Old-Fashioned Vaseline

    This is one multitasking beauty product for sure.

    1. Rub Vaseline on your pulse point before applying perfume to make sure the fragrance lasts longer.

    2. Before you dye your hair, dab some along your hair line and ears to protect your skin from getting coloured.

    3. Use Vaseline to moisturize your eyelashes.

    Some even swear that it strengthens their lashes.

    4. You can also use it to remove your falsies.

    Apply some Vaseline onto your lash line with a cotton bud. Wait a few minutes and then carefully peel away.

    5. To get a smokey eyeliner effect, simply mix your Vaseline with a black eyeshadow and gently run it over the eyelid to get a biker chick look.

    6. You can shine your leather handbag by applying a dollop of Vaseline and then rubbing it away with an old cloth.

    7. You can even use it as highlighter by massaging it across your cheekbones and brows, and dusting a bit of glitter eyeshadow on it.


    8. Use Vaseline to prevent split ends and frizzy hair.


    Make sure you only apply a small quantity of Vaseline on the ends of your hair, so that your hair doesn't look greasy.

    9. Before you apply nail polish, just smear your cuticles with Vaseline to avoid colour sticking to your skin.

    10. It also an inexpensive substitute for a makeup remover.

    11. If you find your earrings not smoothly gliding in your earlobes, just rub some Vaseline before you put them on to avoid any pain.

    12. You can even make your own DIY lip scrub by adding some sugar in your Vaseline.


    13. Or make a body scrub instead by mixing Vaseline with sea salt to get maximum moisture.


    14. You can even remove your blackheads with Vaseline.

    You can learn more about the process from here.

    15. And maintain your razor by using a thin layer of Vaseline on your blades to ensure it stays smooth.


    Just make sure you dry it properly later to prevent rusting.

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