23 Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Academy Awards

    The Oscars red carpet is 900 FEET LONG.

    The 90th Academy Awards are coming up this Sunday, and chances are you've seen every movie and know every nominee. But here are some facts about the biggest night in Hollywood you might not know.

    1. The Oscars red carpet is a special, patented shade of garnet red. The shade doesn't appear on any other official red carpet in the world.

    2. The carpet is traditionally rolled out the Wednesday before the show, and is covered by a permanent overhead rain structure that protects it.

    3. The red carpet runs 900 feet from beginning to end, and is 33 feet wide.

    4. When attendees arrive on the red carpet, approximately 150 publicists are waiting to meet them.

    5. From this palm tree forward, all guests are required to present their ticket — yes, even Meryl Streep.

    6. Attendees and nominees who walk the red carpet are greeted by fans on the right side of the carpet, and press on the left side.

    7. There are 735 fan bleacher seats, and attending fans are chosen through lottery, promotions, contests, and are sometimes friends and family members of attendees.

    8. When the attendees arrive, they pose in front of a stills-only photography wall. There are only 50 photographers allowed on the carpet.

    9. This year, 785 press organizations requested credentials to cover the Oscars, but only 299 were accepted.

    10. This year alone, there were 341 feature films eligible to be nominated in the Best Picture category.

    11. The 90th Academy Awards ceremony will be broadcast in more than 225 countries.

    12. In total, there will be 48 Oscar statuettes given out at this year's ceremony.

    13. But only 24 of those statuettes are for competitive award categories.

    14. Each Oscar statuette is 13.5 inches tall, with a base measuring 5.25 inches in diameter, and weighs 8.5 pounds.

    15. The statuette design is a stylized figure of a knight holding a crusader's sword and standing on a reel of film with five spokes. The spokes signify the five original branches of the Academy: actors, directors, producers, technicians, and writers.

    16. The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, formerly known as the Kodak Theatre, has hosted the show for 17 years (including this year's ceremony).

    17. The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, also located in Los Angeles, has hosted 25 Oscar shows, the most of any venue.

    18. Leading into the Dolby Theatre, every Best Picture winner is engraved on the wall, beginning with Wings from the very first Academy Awards in 1929.

    19. There are blank engravings included for future winners, all the way up to the year 2071.

    20. The carpet stops at the bottom of the Grand Staircase, the final steps leading into the Dolby Theatre, and begins again at the top.

    21. But the staircase itself is inlaid with a tile that simulates the red carpet.

    22. Bob Hope hosted the most Oscar awards ceremonies, with 19 host appearances under his belt.

    23. After a nominee wins, there's a short hallway that leads to their first press conference as an Academy Award winner. This hallway is known as the Winner's Walk, and it's lined with framed photos of past winners.

    And now you know. See you guys Sunday.