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    11 Household Hacks To Save You A Lot Of Time, Money, And Stress

    Simple and brilliant.

    1. First of all, if you have smelly feet, use tea bags to absorb the odor inside your shoes:

    2. And if your kitchen drain is constantly clogged, dissolve a dishwasher tablet in the sink. It'll help degrease things, eliminate odor, and keep it shiny.

    3. Small scratch marks on wood furniture can be erased if you rub them over with walnut halves.

    4. And you can easily find small items like earrings, coins, or pins that have fallen into tight spaces using a vacuum cleaner with pantyhose or a cloth tied over the end. 💪

    5. And yes! You can actually get rid of stubborn stains in the toilet easily with cola. Add one half to one liter to the bowl, let it soak overnight, and then simply brush it away.

    6. To remove salt stains from shoes, just rub them with a lemon wedge, let them sit a bit, and then polish it away.

    7. You can clean calcified faucets and shower heads by filling a bag with vinegar and letting the faucet soak in it overnight. And if you don't have a bag, use a condom! 🍆

    8. Adding 1–2 teaspoons of baking soda in the dishwasher will make your dishes look shiny and brand new:

    9. Spraying a little vinegar in and on your trash bags can also help keep away animals.

    10. Clean your window screens without a lot of fuss with a lint remover.

    11. And finally, get rid of the stench of a partially full garbage can by adding leftover coffee grounds on top.

    Got a super-slick household hack to add? Leave yours in the comments!

    This post was translated from German, and many of the hacks were inspired by submissions to the German website