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We Lived Like Zendaya For A Week

I imagine it will be luxurious...

kuwililenihauwanga • 10 months ago

An Astrologer Predicts Our Love Lives

"It's literally like your my conscious, telling me things I always tell myself."

kuwililenihauwanga • 11 months ago

We Tried 1950's Beauty Tips

"We're about to get tea-bagged."

kuwililenihauwanga • One year ago

I Dressed Feminine And Masculine For A Day

Is gender just a costume?

kuwililenihauwanga • One year ago

I Got My Makeup Permanently Tattooed

"I'm ready to just be able to hit the ground running in the morning."

kuwililenihauwanga • One year ago

I Have Tumors In My Uterus

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, anywhere from 20-80% of women will develop fibroids before they reach 50.

kuwililenihauwanga • One year ago

Struggles Of Having A Unique Name

Do you have a nickname?

kuwililenihauwanga • One year ago

I Live With An AutoImmune Disease

This is not a death sentence.

kuwililenihauwanga • One year ago

Trans People Answer The Questions You Only Ask Google

Real people answering questions you've asked Google about the trans experience.

kuwililenihauwanga • One year ago

What My Hair Has Taught Me

Our hair is integral to our conceptions of beauty, and often tell a story of how we became the way we are.

kuwililenihauwanga • One year ago

We Tried The Size-Inclusive Line By Tracee Ellis Ross And Fell In Love

The perfect clothing line for demanding respect on the street and in the boardroom.

kuwililenihauwanga • One year ago

I Made Friends With A 102-Year-Old Woman Because Of An Accidental Email

...and also a guy with the same name as me. It's an internet miracle.

Jordan Imbrey • One year ago
kuwililenihauwanga • One year ago

Here Are Five Stories From Women Whose Doctors Didn't Believe Them

"These are the people who are supposed to fix you."

Lara Parker • One year ago

We Tried To Copy Kim Kardashian's New Instagram Aesthetic And It Was Hard AF

Turns out the Kardashians really DO have talent.

Sam Stryker • 2 years ago

Women Try Neon Makeup

"The only difference between me and the girl in the picture, is that I did not use witchcraft to do my makeup."

kuwililenihauwanga • 2 years ago

Women Try Vagina Chapstick

Because your other lips get chapped too!

kuwililenihauwanga • 2 years ago

What Is Hijab Day?

A journey into three women's experience on Hijab day.

kuwililenihauwanga • 2 years ago

People Get Transformed Into Their Heroes

"It’s just good to have heroes in your field, because you want to believe that you can achieve success."

kuwililenihauwanga • 2 years ago

We Re-Created High-Fashion Ads And We Killed It

"This is my first time getting baby oil rubbed on me."

kuwililenihauwanga • 2 years ago