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    These People Got Facial Piercings And It Looked Painful AF


    Facial piercings: People either love them or hate them. We got a few barefaced folks to get facial piercings, and things got a little pokey:

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    Most of them were so excited they were holding on to the edge of their seat...literally.

    While others were seeking support from their loved ones.

    Support system or not, everyone was excited to join team facial piercings...

    ...but still nervous.

    Lucky for them, our man, Brian was not only a piercer at Body Electric Tattoo, but also the owner. They were in good hands.

    So, let's get the needles and shit set up...

    ...and just remember — woooosahhhhh — deep breaths, people.



    The overall process was quick and easy.

    And they absolutely loved it!

    Look how cute it is!

    Someone get me a glass of water 'cause it's getting 🔥 HOT 🔥 in here.

    Subtle but so cute...

    ...yaaass 👏 honey 👏 slayyyy.

    So, shoutout to these people for being brave souls and these piercings for making them 10x more fabulous than they already were.