Women Of Color Were Transformed Into Pinup Models And It Was Breathtaking

    "I feel like I should sing at a bar, on top of a piano."

    When you think of “pinup,” you might think of popular icons such as Marilyn Monroe. But sometimes we forget about the women of color who were also influential to the style. So, we had these four beautiful women of color transform into pinup models, and the results were drop-dead gorgeous:

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    Pinup became popular in the 20th century but was founded back in the 1890s by Parisian artist Jules Chéret.

    And while the media highlights the influence white women had on the style, women of color like Dorothy Dandridge, Eartha Kitt, and Rita Moreno also played a part in pinup style.

    Michelle was excited for the transformation, as she felt the media lacked representation and it was difficult to grow up with limited role models in the entertainment industry who looked like her.

    Yessica talked about how artists like Frida Kahlo are role models for her in terms of representation.

    And Freddie admitted that she didn't find herself beautiful until college.

    The women's stories reminded all of us why representation matters.

    So, with Pinup Girl Boutique's help, these women transformed into pinup girls...

    ...and were absolutely amazed.

    Like, didn’t even recognize themselves kind of shocked.

    Some had moments of self-appreciation.

    Overall, the experience empowered and reminded all of the women of how magical they were.