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One Of Rudy Giuliani’s Indicted Associates Was Tweeting About Joe Biden And Ukraine Days After Trump’s Inauguration

“I have a feeling that chapter isn’t closed," David Correia tweeted in January 2017.

Miriam Elder 5 days ago

Donald Trump Got Really Personal At His First Rally Of The Impeachment Era

The president called Joe Biden's son a "loser," Rep. Ilhan Omar a "disgrace," and whipped up a crowd of thousands as the pressure builds in Washington.

Miriam Elder 11 days ago

Joe Biden's Advisers Knew In 2018 His Comments About Ukraine Would Be A Problem

Russian propaganda networks picked up on what Biden said immediately, spinning his words into something that would ultimately become a Trump obsession.

Miriam Elder 16 days ago

The Top US Diplomat In Ukraine Was Skeptical Of Trump. Then Came His “Nightmare Scenario.”

Those close to William “Bill” Taylor say they aren’t surprised he pushed back on colleagues who discussed pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

Christopher Miller 17 days ago

Rudy Giuliani Won’t Say If He Has An Agreement With Trump To Act As His Lawyer

"If I did, I wouldn’t show it to you, and what right do you have to ask me that?"

Miriam Elder 19 days ago

Trump Didn’t Explicitly Threaten To Withhold Military Aid In His Call With Ukraine’s President. He Didn't Have To.

Support from the US is key to Ukraine, both in a practical sense and as a signal to Russia. Ukraine didn't need the reminder.

Miriam Elder 26 days ago

Two #MeToo Books Were Just Published. One Is Great. The Other Shows You What Not To Do.

How two books by New York Times reporters stack up on one of the most complex issues to write about in 2019.

Miriam Elder 28 days ago

Donald Trump Loves Looking Strong. John Bolton Actually Wanted Him To Act On It.

John Bolton’s tough talk on TV won over a president looking for a change. But once in the White House, he learned how hard it is to keep Trump marching on beat.

Hayes Brown One month ago

Donald Trump’s Not Talking To Jews When He Talks About Jews

This focus on Jews plays several roles for Trump, and very little of it has anything to do with actual Jews.

Miriam Elder 2 months ago

The Trump Seeking To Heal A Nation Is Not The Real Trump

Donald Trump's Monday statement about the weekend's mass shootings was an attempt to play at the presidency.

Miriam Elder 2 months ago

Bernie Sanders’ Trip To The Soviet Union Exposes Socialism’s Blind Spots

Bernie Sanders went all the way to the USSR but didn’t meet with the world-famous Soviet dissident living in his state — the history too many people are forgetting.

Miriam Elder 3 months ago

Donald Trump’s Reelection Campaign Is In A 2016 Time Loop

Donald Trump officially began his 2020 campaign, unsure of whether to keep America great or make America great again.

Miriam Elder 4 months ago

The Political Fights Over Anti-Semitism And Rashida Tlaib Are Pushing Muslim And Jewish Voices Aside

The storm over Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s latest comments highlights how willing operators of American politics in 2019 are to leave out the actual perspectives of people involved.

Miriam Elder 5 months ago

Trump Told G7 Leaders That Crimea Is Russian Because Everyone Speaks Russian In Crimea

Trump made the remarks over dinner with other world leaders at the G7 summit in Canada.

Alberto Nardelli One year ago

Stop Blaming Russian Bots For Everything

“I’m not convinced on this bot thing,” said one of the men behind the Russian bot thing.

Miriam Elder One year ago

Trump Got What He Wanted In Davos: Elite Acceptance

There were scattered boos, but the president was chiefly treated to the kind of fascinated audience he craves.

Miriam Elder One year ago
Miriam Elder One year ago
Miriam Elder One year ago

Smoke Billowed From The Russian Consulate In San Francisco Ahead Of Its Closure

The US has ordered Russia to shut down the building. "We were given two days," the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.

Miriam Elder 2 years ago

A Network Of Russian-Language News Sites Is Secretly Owned By Kremlin, Investigation Finds

The investigation, by Latvia’s Re:Baltica journalism center, found that via a number of vehicles registered in the Netherlands and Russia, Baltnews is actually owned by the same Kremlin media holding that owns Sputnik.

Miriam Elder 2 years ago