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Trump Was Ordered To Pay $2 Million In Damages For Abusing His Foundation To Help His Campaign

The Trump Foundation dissolved last year after the New York Attorney General's Office alleged a "pattern of illegal conduct."

Zoe Tillman 4 days ago

A Jury Saw Records Of Trump’s Phone Calls With Roger Stone After The DNC Announced It Was Hacked In 2016

Roger Stone’s trial on charges that he lied to Congress about his contacts with WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign began Wednesday.

Zoe Tillman 5 days ago

“They Allowed It”: A Justice Department Employee Said She Was Raped By A Senior Official. New Documents Show A Pattern Of Harassment At The Department.

Documents and interviews reveal new details about a pattern of sexual harassment by a senior Justice Department official, and what the department did — and did not do — in the year since he resigned.

Zoe Tillman 6 days ago

Trump Can't Invoke "Presidential Immunity" To Block A Grand Jury Subpoena For His Tax Returns, A Court Ruled

"Even assuming ... that a formal criminal charge against the President carries a stigma too great for the Constitution to tolerate, we cannot conclude that mere investigation is so debilitating," the 2nd Circuit found.

Zoe Tillman 7 days ago

The Mueller Report’s Secret Memos

BuzzFeed News sued the US government to see all the work that Mueller’s team kept secret. We have published the first installment, with revelations about the Ukraine conspiracy theory, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, and more.

Jason Leopold 9 days ago

Trump's Campaign Was Talking About The Conspiracy Theory That Ukraine Was Involved In The DNC Hack Back In 2016

Fast forward to today: Trump brought up the conspiracy theory in his July 2019 call with the Ukrainian president, when he asked for a “favor.”

Zoe Tillman 9 days ago
Zoe Tillman 10 days ago

The Justice Department Argued Congress Can’t Force Senior Trump Advisers To Testify And That There’s Nothing Courts Can Do About It

The legal fight involves the Mueller report and tests an immunity argument that the Trump administration is making to block potential witnesses from testifying in the impeachment inquiry.

Zoe Tillman 11 days ago

Ambassador Bill Taylor Laid Out Trump’s Alleged Quid Pro Quo Request To Ukraine In Congressional Testimony

One Democrat described Tuesday’s testimony from senior US diplomat Bill Taylor as “incredibly damning.”

Zoe Tillman 20 days ago
Zoe Tillman 21 days ago

Democrats Haven’t Pulled Attorney General Barr Into The Impeachment Inquiry, But Trump Keeps Name-Dropping Him

Barr tapped a US attorney to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation. That probe is ongoing, and Barr has asked foreign leaders to cooperate.

Zoe Tillman 26 days ago

A Court Ruled, Again, That Trump's Accounting Firm Must Turn Over Financial Documents To House Democrats

The DC Circuit rejected President Donald Trump's argument that the House Oversight Committee didn't have authority to issue a subpoena to his accounting firm.

Zoe Tillman One month ago

Two Men Who Worked With Rudy Giuliani To Dig Up Dirt On Biden Have Been Arrested

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman are in custody, a spokesperson for the US attorney's office in Manhattan has confirmed.

Zoe Tillman One month ago

Brett Kavanaugh Asked Just One Question During His First Big LGBTQ Case On The Supreme Court

The justices will decide if a federal law against “sex” discrimination in the workplace applies to employees fired for being LGBTQ.

Zoe Tillman One month ago

A Judge Ruled Eight Years Of Trump's Tax Returns Must Be Turned Over To A Grand Jury

A federal appeals court temporarily put the ruling on hold while Trump appeals, however.

Zoe Tillman One month ago

The Former Special Envoy To Ukraine Told Congress That Trump’s Biden Conspiracy “Has No Credibility To Me"

Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine, also told Congress "at no time" did he take part in an effort to investigate Joe Biden, according to remarks obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Christopher Miller One month ago

The Justice Department Has Argued Sex, Information, And Worthless Stock Were “Things Of Value.” But It Said Trump’s Request For Dirt Wasn’t.

Justice Department officials declined to open a criminal investigation into Trump’s request to the Ukrainian president because it didn’t have “quantifiable value.”

Zoe Tillman One month ago

The Government Told A Judge It Won't Destroy Records About Trump's Calls With Foreign Leaders, For Now

The voluntary assurance came a day after a judge strongly encouraged the White House to do so, rather than risk a formal ruling from the court they "might not appreciate."

Zoe Tillman One month ago

A Judge Wants Assurances The Administration Won't Destroy Records About Trump's Calls With Foreign Leaders. The Justice Department Is Hesitating.

A lawsuit filed in May accusing the White House of failing to create and preserve records of the Trump administration’s calls with foreign leaders suddenly got a lot more urgent.

Zoe Tillman One month ago

The Trump Administration Will Have To Pay $6.6 Million So Far To Groups That Sued Over The Census Citizenship Question

The Justice Department reached $3.9 million in settlements with challengers in Maryland, new documents show. That's on top of the $2.7 million the administration already agreed to pay the ACLU.

Zoe Tillman One month ago