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    17 Of The Most Painfully Embarrassing Things That Have Happened To People During Exams

    Be prepared for lots of bodily fluids.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the most cripplingly embarassing things that have happened to them during an exam. Here are some of the best (or worst) responses:

    1. This fateful nap:

    "I was in an exam and I hadn't slept all night. I set my clock for 15 minutes after writing 3/4 of the paper, and decided to take a nap. I woke up exactly what looked like 15 minutes later judging by the minute hand and felt refreshed, but the teacher snatched the paper from under me. For some reason everyone was laughing their head off at me. I checked my watch and I'd slept for a whole hour and 15 minutes!!! And apparently I was snoring REALLY loudly too!"

    – Mehwish Israr Asif, Facebook

    2. This stuff of nightmares:

    "I went back to my old school to repeat an exam and my ex-girlfriend was invigilating the test. Needless to say I did worse the second time around."


    3. This scenario which is somehow worse than telling everyone you did a monster shit for half an hour:

    "I sat down in the exam hall but quickly realised I had forgotten my calculator. So I panicked and asked to go to the loo and ran to my car; fortunately there were no papers handed out yet so no one followed me. I drove to the shops, got a new calculator and came back as quick as I could. I must've been gone for about half an hour. When I got back the exam had started and all these examiners where super concerned about my half hour toilet stint and kept asking me if I was okay. So I just said I was doing a poo. These examiners then all backed off once they thought I'd been doing a monster shit for 30 minutes."


    4. This accidental bullseye:

    "I went into a complete panic towards the end of an exam. I started writing like crazy to finish the test and when I finished I slammed my pen down a little too hard. My hand slipped and the pen shot out from my desk like an arrow. It hit an exam monitor in the back of the head, and she thought somebody had deliberately hit her. She kept everyone who was sat behind her in the hall for the whole of lunch break while the result of the students (including me) were allowed to leave. I was too busy dying of shame and trying to stop my friends from laughing at me to admit it was me. I still got an A*!"


    5. This scarring incident:

    "I got up from my table a little too eagerly after an exam had finished, before we were allowed to leave, and managed to cut my leg on a broken piece of wood from the table in the process. We then had to sit back down while the invigilators spoke but I was bleeding so badly that I had to put my hand up in front of my whole class to say that I’d cut my leg and it was bleeding. Almost a year later and I still get asked about it and have a scar on my leg."


    6. This chain reaction:

    "In the middle of my 700-person final exam of my first year of college, a girl projectile vomited, which caused a chain reaction of about 10-15 people to vomit as well. I was lucky I was near the top of the lecture hall and got out quickly. The professor awarded everyone whatever they had left blank on the exam as a safety measure because we couldn’t go back in to finish and it was the last day of finals."


    7. This huge betrayal:

    "In a biology exam, I was using a mechanical pencil but the eraser on it had rubbed off. I asked my friend sitting next to me if I could borrow his during the test and he said sure. I finished my test early and leaned over to hand him back his eraser. He pulled a Regina George, and screamed out 'SHE'S CHEATING!!' I had to frantically beg the teacher to not believe him and became known for cheating among my 6th grade class."


    8. This mortifying experience:

    "In high school, I had very heavy periods and my bleeding was torrential. During a very long exam, my period started and I wasn't allowed to leave the classroom

    So I sat there, blood filling up my black leggings, until it finally soaked through my pants and started dripping off the seat and on to the carpeted floor in front of me. I rushed through the test, tied my jacket around my waist and ran to the bathroom.

    "A few days later, I came back to the classroom, having forgotten about the blood, walked to my usual seat and saw it – there was a big copper colored stain on the seat and the floor was stained brown underneath it! It looked like an old blood bath. Worst of all, it was my seat every class for 8 weeks and those around me knew it. I was mortified."


    9. This waste of good coffee:

    "I took a cup of coffee into my first exam in college. A few minutes in I flipped the page and knocked the entire coffee right over my exam paper, the desk, the floor, and myself. The teacher just gave me a new exam paper and told me to just keep taking the test... covered in coffee."


    10. This noxious exam:

    "I had recently started a medication that would cause me to have serious abdominal pains followed by multiple bouts of the grossest diarrhea ever that would last a few hours at a time. Sure enough, half an hour into an exam I had to go. I was gone for so long the teacher sent a staff member in to see if I was okay and to wait for me to make sure I wasn’t in there to cheat. While this teacher was waiting for me, the floodgates opened and all hell broke loose – loud, noxious, and painful. I was so embarrassed – not only for me, but for the poor lady who was forced to wait there for me."


    11. The reason why teachers tell you off for rocking on your chair:

    "Once during an exam I was rocking on the chair and rocked back too far, grabbed my desk to try and stop myself from falling, but unfortunately I pulled down not only my desk but some of the unoccupied desks around me too! The noise was unbelievably loud, and I rolled around on the floor amongst the upturned chairs and desks trying to get up as the other students and teachers looked on in disbelief."


    12. This clearly bad idea that turned out as badly as you'd expect:

    "One time in a biology exam our teacher left the room. One of the other kids in my class screamed 'Everyone come here, let’s all cheat!!!' Turns out the teacher had just bent down below her desk in the front and no one could see her because she was 4’9”. He had to take the rest of his test out in the hallway."


    13. This failed attempt at acting cool:

    "During a history exam, this really popular guy was walking by me so I remember thinking, 'Okay, act cool!' But then I started to sneeze and when I sneezed, a fart came out too. In this quiet as hell history classroom. Everyone in the class was trying so hard not to burst out laughing. It was mortifying."


    14. This reminder to always wear sunscreen:

    "I got super sunburnt over the weekend before my final exams and I had massive blisters on my shoulders, chest, and thighs. It was so bad I couldn’t wear my standard school uniform. In the middle of my maths exam, one of the big blisters on my thighs burst and the liquid dripped all down my legs and onto the floor. I had to get the examiner to bring me tissues to wipe myself and the floor around me dry. It was mortifying."


    15. This horrific out-of-body experience:

    "I fell asleep after finishing an exam early. I guess my butt was slightly raised off the chair as I farted so loud I woke myself up. I could feel the entire class staring at me but I didn't open my eyes, I just pretended to still be asleep while I felt my soul leave my body."


    16. This horrible experience with an even worse punishment:

    "In fifth grade I lost one of my baby teeth during a state test. My teacher wouldn’t let me go to the nurse so I had to press tissues into my bleeding gums for two hours with the tooth just sitting on my desk!! The worst part is when the test was over she made me stay in from recess to bleach the desktop."


    17. And finally, this tale of the dangers of being emo:

    "When I was in 8th grade, I really, REALLY had to do a shit during an exam. I used to wear tons and tons of bracelets (I was emo). The teacher let me go to the bathroom, but when I got back to the class, I realized there was poop on my bracelets and it had gotten on the test. I told my teacher it was chocolate."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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