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Donald Trump’s Campaign Is Cashing In On Impeachment

Seven of the reelection campaign’s top days for unique donors came with the launch of the impeachment inquiry.

Ryan C. Brooks 4 days ago

Collin Martin, An Openly Gay Pro Soccer Player, Is Endorsing Pete Buttigieg

“I know that growing up as a closeted kid I could’ve never imagined an openly gay man running for president.”

Ryan C. Brooks 12 days ago

A US Diplomat's Wife Who Was Involved In A Deadly Car Crash In The UK Has Fled The Country

Police say the woman drove a car onto the wrong side of the road and crashed into 19-year-old Harry Dunn, who was riding a motorcycle.

Ryan C. Brooks 16 days ago

A 24-Year-Old Has Been Charged With Murder After Four Homeless Men Were Beaten To Death With A Metal Pipe

The suspect was seen carrying a metal pipe near the scene Saturday and charged with four counts of murder, police said.

Ryan C. Brooks 16 days ago

The Bernie Sanders Campaign Says It Needs A Movement To Win. The Democratic Socialists Of America Are Building One.

The socialist organizers who helped get Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into Congress are now working to get Bernie Sanders into the White House.

Ryan C. Brooks One month ago

Andrew Yang Keeps Winning The Internet Primary

Yang barely spoke to the television audience during the debate, but reinvested in his extremely online approach.

Ryan C. Brooks One month ago

“The Most Immoral, Unethical Thing I’ve Ever Seen In My 15 Years Of Politics” — Inside A Small City Mayor’s Campaign For President

Wayne Messam’s unlikely 2020 campaign has been chaotic from the start. “It’s like we were in some D-list version of The Sopranos.”

Ryan C. Brooks One month ago

Cory Booker Says Donald Trump "Is Responsible" For The El Paso Shooting

Booker and Beto O'Rourke both cited the president's rhetoric and stoking of racial division in the wake of the shooting.

Kadia Goba 2 months ago

Two American Teenagers Were Detained For Allegedly Killing A Police Officer In Italy

The teenagers, from California, got into a fight with officers after a drug deal went wrong, police said.

Ryan C. Brooks 2 months ago

Trump's Latest Racist Comments Included Calling A Majority-Black Area A "Disgusting, Rat And Rodent Infested Mess"

The president's own housing secretary, Ben Carson, lives in the district.

Ryan C. Brooks 2 months ago

Marianne Williamson Said Antidepressants Are Overprescribed For “Normal Human Despair”

“The twenties can be very hard. They’re not a mental illness. Divorce can be very difficult, losing a loved one, someone that you know died, someone left in a relationship and you’re heartbroken — that’s very painful, but it’s not a mental illness,” Williamson said.

Ryan C. Brooks 2 months ago
Ryan C. Brooks 3 months ago

“Just Nuts” — Progressive Activists Have Had It With House Democrats’ Fight With AOC And Other Women Of Color

"They’re not just four votes! For many of us, they’re the physical manifestation of generations of blood, sweat, and tears for representation in Congress."

Ryan C. Brooks 3 months ago

Alex Acosta Defended The Plea Deal That Put Jeffrey Epstein In Jail For Only 13 Months

“Facts are important, and facts are being overlooked,” Acosta said at a press conference.

Ryan C. Brooks 3 months ago

A Billionaire Who Said He Wasn’t Running For President In January Is Now Running For President

Tom Steyer, who has spent months building support for impeaching Trump, changed his mind and decided to launch a 2020 campaign.

Ryan C. Brooks 3 months ago
Ryan C. Brooks 3 months ago

A Progressive Organization Is Starting Its 2020 Endorsement Process Early To Get Ahead Of The “Electability” Argument

The Working Families Party has already narrowed the field to six presidential candidates.

Ryan C. Brooks 3 months ago

The Democratic Party’s Generational Split Was On Full Display At Thursday’s Debate

“It’s time to pass the torch,” Swalwell told Biden.

Ryan C. Brooks 3 months ago

Every Democrat At Thursday’s Debate Said They’d Extend Health Care Coverage To Undocumented Immigrants

“We do ourselves no favor by having 11 million undocumented people in our country be unable to access health care,” argued Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Ryan C. Brooks 3 months ago

A Year Ago, AOC Beat The New York Establishment. On Tuesday, It’s Fighting Back.

A Tuesday race is a test of power for progressives and the party establishment in Queens.

Ryan C. Brooks 3 months ago