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A Year Ago, AOC Beat The New York Establishment. On Tuesday, It’s Fighting Back.

A Tuesday race is a test of power for progressives and the party establishment in Queens.

Ryan C. Brooks • One day ago

“She’s Number One”: Elizabeth Warren Is Having A Moment In South Carolina

“Elizabeth is first and Bernie is second,” said a supporter of Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign.

Ryan C. Brooks • 3 days ago

The Group That Helped Bring AOC To Congress Has A New Candidate For 2020

Justice Democrats is announcing it will back Jamaal Bowman’s primary challenge to longtime representative Eliot Engel.

Ryan C. Brooks • 8 days ago
Ruby Cramer • 11 days ago

Kamala Harris Has A Network Of Black Sorority Sisters Mobilizing For Her In The South

Alpha Kappa Alpha alumnae are trying to spread the word about Kamala Harris’s campaign across the South. “We’re all over,” one organizer said.

Ryan C. Brooks • 13 days ago

Andrew Yang Thinks His Plan To Give Americans $1,000 A Month Will Bring LGBT Voters To His Presidential Campaign

“If we put economic resources directly into people’s hands, they can make themselves better able to adjust if they’re economically singled out,” Yang said on AM to DM.

Ryan C. Brooks • 21 days ago

Former Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Said Joe Biden Would Make A “Terrific President”

Jarrett won’t endorse anyone in the primary yet but is speaking to many of the candidates in a field she described as “an embarrassment of riches” on BuzzFeed News’ Profile.

Ryan C. Brooks • 25 days ago

Democrats Running For President Say Social Media Companies Have A White Nationalist Problem. Some Think Regulation Should Be The Answer.

A swath of 2020 presidential candidates told BuzzFeed News that social media companies like Facebook have some responsibility for the rise of white nationalism.

Ryan C. Brooks • One month ago
Ryan C. Brooks • One month ago

A Missouri Congressman Defended A Proposed Abortion Ban By Saying Some Rapes Are "Consensual"

Republican Barry Hovis later apologized, saying he misspoke. "When you talk about consensual rape, there's no such thing," he said. "It's either consensual or it's rape."

Ryan C. Brooks • One month ago

Montana Governor Steve Bullock Is Running For President

The Montana governor's entrance into the race pushes the Democratic 2020 primary field close to two dozen.

Ryan C. Brooks • One month ago

Here Are The Democratic Presidential Candidates Who Say They’ve Read All 448 Pages Of The Mueller Report

Just a handful of the Democrats running in 2020 say they've read the whole redacted report.

Ryan C. Brooks • One month ago

Cory Booker Wants To Make Gun Owners Get Licenses

The proposal is part of a far-reaching new gun control plan, which Booker said he would begin implementing on his first day as president if he wins in 2020.

Ryan C. Brooks • One month ago

Black Voters Get That Bernie Marched With MLK. They Want To Know What He’ll Do For Them Now.

“It’s been several years that this critique has been raised, and it feels dismissive of our experiences when it doesn’t matter what specific question is being asked — when the go-to answer has become, ‘I marched with King.’”

Ryan C. Brooks • One month ago

Omarosa Thinks Kamala Harris Is Running A “Historic” Campaign That Trump Would Try To Shut Down With Racist “Undertones”

Omarosa also told BuzzFeed News’ Profile that Trump is “very sophisticated in his deceit.”

Ryan C. Brooks • 2 months ago

Kamala Harris Says Congress Should Take "Steps Toward" Impeaching Donald Trump

The 2020 candidates at the CNN town halls Monday night diverged on impeachment, with Harris joining Elizabeth Warren's call for action.

Ryan C. Brooks • 2 months ago

Elizabeth Warren Wants The House To Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Donald Trump

“The severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty,” Warren said Friday.

Ryan C. Brooks • 2 months ago

The Man Arrested With Gas Cans And Lighters At St. Patrick Cathedral Has Been Identified

A security officer inside the historic Midtown church confronted the man and quickly notified police.

Salvador Hernandez • 2 months ago

Tim Ryan Says Abortion Rights Are At Risk Because Democrats “Keep Losing Elections”

The Ohio representative who is now running for president said his state has been “one of the worst states in the union when it comes to women’s health.”

Ryan C. Brooks • 2 months ago

Joe Biden Says He'll Be "More Mindful" About Personal Space After Allegations Of Inappropriate Contact

“Social norms have begun to change, they’ve shifted, and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset, and I get it," Biden said in a video Wednesday.

Ryan C. Brooks • 2 months ago