7 Simple And Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Life In February

    Share positive things with friends each day, find out exactly how much time you spend on different apps each week, and more!

    Hello, friends! We made it through a January that seemed to last for somewhere between 5 and 87 years, and it's a brand-new day!

    Here are a few little ways to make February all it can be:

    1. Create some shortcuts for at least one of the meals you make a lot.

    2. Share three positive things with your person every day.

    3. Regularly check the amount of time you spend on different apps each week.

    4. Get yourself some OxiClean stain remover.

    5. Check out the Girls' Night In newsletter.

    6. Make yourself a cozy cup of tea.

    7. And get yourself some good-ass socks.

    Have a lovely February, and tell me what you're doing to upgrade your life this month in the comments!