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16 Things Only People With Raynaud's Will Understand

The cold literally does bother me anyway.

1. What looks like scary zombie flesh to everyone else is just a normal thing for you.

2. But that doesn't mean you don't LOATHE the cold for turning your hands into fleshy icicles.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via

3. And on particularly bad days, it can even happen to your feet!

4. Because of this, you are addicted to heat sources. ANY heat sources.

5. Gloves are essential. Ess. En. Tial.

6. And if you can't find gloves, grab something warm!

7. Or go run your hands under some hot water. ANYTHING.

8. It doesn't even have to be freezing outside. Air conditioning is enough to trigger it.

9. And touching something cold can trigger it too.

10. Basically you are unsafe in anything under 70 degrees.

Warner Bros. / Via

11. And when you finally start to warm up — surprise! — your fingers turn purple from the rush of blood.

12. And it doesn't feel good! Like little pins being stuck into the pads of your fingers.

13. Sometimes you just wish you could have new hands!

14. Because just watching someone do something cold makes your fingers ache.

15. Seriously, the cold just ain't your friend. / Via Paramount Pictures

16. Oh, well. Guess you'll just have to move somewhere tropical.

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