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You're Not Truly Sleeping Unless You're Sleeping On White Sheets

White linens are probably my biggest trick for making people think I have my life together. They look like they'd take more work to maintain, but they actually take way less.

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White linens! The stuff of hospitals, fancy hotels, and yours truly's bedroom.

Yep, it’s true — I use only white sheets and white duvet covers, and stick to all white bath towels, hand towels, and dish towels. Whenever people learn this about me, they typically say something to the effect of, “What are you, some kind of witch?”

And the answer to that is MAYBE!!! But if I were a witch with a hankering for laundry magic, I wouldn’t waste my magic on keeping white sheets clean! (I’d obviously use it to fold fitted sheets perfectly.) Because here’s the thing: white sheets are already easy to keep clean.

First, I’m not that worried about stains — because having all white linens means I can wash them in super hot water and bleach them.

Second, having white sheets and a white duvet cover (along with white towels) means I’m actually more likely to wash my linens — because the entire process is considerably more efficient.

Also, white linens are hardy as hell.

And white sheets and white duvet covers can be purchased on the cheap — and the cheap ones look just as nice as the more expensive ones.

Finally, white sheets are just nice.

If you’re ready to make the switch, here are some of my recommendations for stocking your linen closet:

1. Basic white sheets you can use year-round, and that cost less than $30.

2. Or a slightly splurgier set.

3. A classic white duvet cover.

4. White flannel sheets that'll bring you comfort and joy in colder months.

5. A lightweight white blanket, if you’re the blanket type.

6. And/or a faux fur white blanket.

7. A pre-soak stain treatment if you’re still worried about spills.

8. And some bleach to keep everything in top shape.

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