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    22 Ways To Feel Like An Adult In February

    It's February, so you're a good adult if you got out of bed today, IMO.

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    1. Get ready for tax season by sorting through all your documents and receipts and putting them into color-coded accordion files.

    2. Hit your daily fluid intake goals with a motivational water bottle. Keep it on your desk to remind you to take a sip every so often.

    3. Organize your day and jot down everything you need to do on a daily planning pad.

    4. Bring all the groceries from the car in one go with a sturdy bag carrier.

    5. Familiarize yourself with some helpful cleaning hacks, from how to restore a burnt pot to how to get rid of mildew in the shower.

    6. Give yourself a quick and easy at-home facial by applying a hydrating sleeping mask. You'll wake up looking like a whole new person!

    7. Take snacks, supplements, or baby food on the go in a set of twist-and-lock storage jars.

    8. Pay all your bills on time by downloading a free app that reminds you exactly when everything is due.

    9. Keep all your keys neat and accessible using a personalized key organizer.

    10. Wipe grimy fingerprints (and other unidentified substances) off your phone and tablet using a touch-screen cleaner.

    11. Brush up on your housekeeping skills (or learn some if you don't have any) by reading a best-selling book on the subject.

    12. Wash your makeup brushes with a brush shampoo to get rid of leftover product, oil, and bacteria. It doesn't leave behind any residue!

    13. Protect your eyes by investing in a good bedside/desk lamp. Don't strain your eyes by reading in overly dim or bright lighting or using a phone/tablet/laptop in the dark!

    14. Never forget to feed your furry friends (or accidentally feed them twice) with a meal tracker. This is especially handy for families or people with roommates so everyone is on the same page with the pet-feeding situation.

    15. Tidy up your shelves and cabinets by putting everything into clear multipurpose bins.

    16. Ditch the sodas and start drinking fruit-infused water instead. It tastes amazing and is much healthier for you!

    17. Recover from a hard workout by taking a 15-minute soak with Epsom salts. It'll help relieve stress and ease muscle aches. Plus, it smells amazing!

    18. Print and hang a "What's in Season" calendar, so you're always reminded to cook with seasonal ingredients.

    19. Label all your jars and containers with chalkboard stickers so you can see every ingredient at a glance.

    20. Exercise at home using Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer, a free workout app, if you have no time (or no money) for the gym. It doesn't require any equipment, just your body weight!

    21. Restore the suede boots you almost ruined by wearing them on a snow day using a leather brush. It'll get rid of dirt, salt, and water stains!

    22. Eliminate odors left behind by week-old take-out with a fridge deodorizer.

    When you celebrate at the end of the week for being such a good adult:

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