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I Just Found Out A Huge "Game Of Thrones" Spoiler And I'm Not OK

OH MY GOD! Warning: This post contains spoilers!

If you clicked on this link you must know this post contains spoilers for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones! Seriously, major spoilers! Only proceed if you want to be spoiled!


The wait between seasons of Game of Thrones is long and painful – especially this time around, with Season 8 not hitting our screens until 2019.


For those of us who can't help ourselves, spoilers from production of the show get us through the long night. And today we have a DOOZY.

The good folks over at fansite Watchers on the Wall have unearthed this video showing the set of Winterfell on fire.

Facebook: video.php

And it's not just a little bit of fire – Winterfell is ENGULFED in flames!

Facebook: steven.mcauley.14

Like, enough flames to completely destroy it forever.



From the very start of the show, Winterfell has practically been a character in itself. For the Starks, it's home, but it's also so much more than that. It's the physical embodiment of their House.

As we frequently hear, "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell". When they begin leaving home in Season 1, shit well and truly hit the fan. The fewer Starks there are in Winterfell, the worse things get for their family.


It's not until Jon and Sansa's triumphant return to Winterfell in Season 6 that things finally begin looking up for the Starks, and they come together as a family for the first time in years.


With the three remaining Stark siblings back in Winterfell, and Jon on his way there in the Season 7 finale, it's the best position the family has been in since, well, Season 1, Episode 1.

And Winterfell isn't just important to the Starks – it's a symbol of strength and safety for the entire North. As we heard Sansa say in Season 7, it's THE place to be when an attack comes.


Of course, this all means it's inevitable that an attack WILL come. Especially with the Night King and his army breaching the Wall at the end of Season 7.


And what appear to be battle scenes have been taking place at the Winterfell set in recent weeks.

Big night of filming for #GOT8 tonight 26/1 at the Winterfell Set Moneyglass N.Ireland 200+ extras in a big battle…

But seeing Winterfell up in flames takes it to a whole other level. A VERY worrying one.


There are a lot of possibilities for why Winterfell would be on fire. Maybe it got caught in the crossfire from Dany's dragons during a battle with the Night King. Or, as Watchers on the Wall points out, maybe the fire will be turned blue in post-production, and it'll be the Night King and the undead Viserion who destroy the Stark home. Maybe the Starks themselves deliberately set fire to Winterfell in some kind of trap for the Night King and his army. It could even be the result of a battle with Cersei's forces, and nothing to do with the Night King at all.

Whatever it is, we've got a loooooong wait to find out the truth. And no matter what, it's going to be utterly heartbreaking to see Winterfell fall.


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