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Only People Who Wear Makeup Every Day Can Get Over 75% On This Quiz

Makeup addicts unite.

  1. What is the correct order for applying these face products?
  2. What type of makeup brush is this?
  3. What is this process called?
  4. Which of these products would expire FIRST?

  5. What is this makeup look called?

    Denitslava Makeup
  6. What is this process called?
  7. What is banana powder used for?

    Ben Nye
  8. Where is the best place to test foundation?
  9. Which of these eyeshadow palettes is best to recreate this look?
  10. Which of these makeup tools should be used wet?

  11. This technique is an example of...
  12. What is the process of removing your eyeshadow from its original packaging and putting it in custom palettes called?
  13. What is the point of a transition shade?
  14. Which of these will help fix your broken pressed powder?
  15. What is this eyebrow shaping technique called?