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    30 Subscription Boxes That Are Like Getting A Present Every Month

    French snacks delivered to my doorstep every month? Sign๐Ÿ‘ me๐Ÿ‘ up๐Ÿ‘ .

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI โ€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. MiamMiam Box curates tasty French snacks...and no, it's not just a box of croissants and baguettes.

    2. Frank And Oak offers a clothing subscription that *may* make you weep tears of joy: a stylist will curate three VERSATILE pieces. To your doorstep. Every month.

    3. The Bouqs Company delivers sustainable flowers grown on eco-friendly farms. Plus, they're cut fresh before being shipped out โ€” meaning they'll last way longer.

    4. Foodstirs is a recipe-and-ingredients-included box that gives you everything you need to make Insta-worthy organic treats. Hello, delicious heart-shaped brownies.

    5. Care/Of helps you take care of your body. How? They build personalized vitamins and supplements based on your needs!

    6. Cozy Reader Club sends you the BEST kind of gift: a hardcover book! Plus, artisan treats, beanies, gourmet coffee, and more to make your reading experience even better.

    7. Original Vinyl Records is sure to make any music lover weep with joy because โ€” yup! โ€” it sends six original vinyl records to your doorstep every month.

    8. StitchFix takes away the stress of shopping (๐Ÿ™Œ) by curating a whole new outfit for you based on your style preferences.

    9. Birchbox is perfect for beauty amateurs and gurus alike. It's the perfect way to experiment with new products every month.

    10. Quirky Crate delivers โ€” obviously โ€” quirky items sure to put a huge smile on your face. Expect everything from crazy socks to milk carton pencil cases.

    11. GlobeIn gives every travel enthusiast the gift of authentic artisan products...from around the globe...every month. Swoon.

    12. AdoreMe lets your I-want-my-bra-and-underwear-to-match dreams become a reality. And is there anything as luxurious as a matching bra and underwear? I think not.

    13. Peachy Box is filled with trendy new products that scream "ADD ME TO YOUR INSTAGRAM STORY."

    14. NatureBox turns your pantry into healthy snack heaven, including everything from salt and vinegar veggie chips to dark cocoa nom noms.

    15. Little Archives is perfect for people in need of a creative outlet. This box saves you trips to the craft store by planning fun, crafty activities โ€” how-to's, materials, and all.

    16. Dia & Co specializes in plus-size clothing, sending you a couple of items every month that you will (very likely) fall in love with.

    17. Accio! features handmade products that would make any Potterhead scream with joy. This brings the magic of Hogwarts to your home, folks.

    18. Finders Seekers is perfect for the Robert Langdon-obsessed adventure ~seeker~. Every box contains mysterious codes and messages that need to be solved.

    19. Peggy Jean's Pies offers monthly indulgences and settles this debate once and for all: pie is better than cake, okay?

    20. Redbird Vintage Box curates vintage clothing and accessories, meaning you'll no longer have to sift through unorganized thrift store racks to find cool pieces.

    21. Nerdy Post picks a new book-, TV-, or movie-based fandom every month, curating a box of goodies around said theme. Star Wars and Sherlock Holmes devotees, rejoice!

    22. Billie gets rid of all "I FORGOT TO BUY A NEW RAZOR!" woes. This box guarantees a smooth, affordable shave with razors that look super fancy in your shower.

    23. Le Tote sends you a personalized array of clothing and accessories you can keep for as long as you want. Maternity clothing, included! Think of it as a rental service for all things fashion.

    24. Lush Bites delivers cookies straight to your door. But are you gluten-free? Good. Because these are gluten-free!

    25. FabFitFun has you covered with full-sized, premium products (ceramic mugs, jewelry, eyeshadow palettes, and more) that value at $200...for only $49.95. Let's get a round of applause for this fantastic deal.

    26. Smartass and Sass sends products with โ€” yep, you guessed it! โ€” sassy sayings that have even more attitude than you. So...yeah, pretty sassy.

    27. Dylan's Candy Bar delivers a sampling of their signature sweets every month. This is the kind of bar my life needs.

    28. Bootay Bag sends you two pairs of gorgeous undies every month. READ: never the granny kind.

    29. Boka screams "dental hygiene is important and cool" with minimalist-looking oral care products sure to look gorgeous on your vanity.

    30. Foot Cardigan offers a new pair of socks every month, which you can tailor to fit your sock needs. You can choose from ankle socks, no-show socks, crew socks, and dress socks!

    You, every month:

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