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Jamie Dornan Just Explained How Sex Scenes In "Fifty Shades" Are Filmed And It's So Not Sexy

You put it in the bag and tie a little bow.

In case you didn't know, Fifty Shades Freed is coming out soon, so Jamie Dornan stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss all things sex – in particular, how they film those scenes for the movie.

The answer? A wee bag.

I would try to explain, but I think it's best that Jamie shows us the ropes on this. His character's meant to have good rope skills after all.

It started with a simple question, but Jamie's answer only gave us more questions to ask.

Jamie quickly cleared it up though, explaining that "wee" is an expression from his hometown.

In Northern Ireland, the word "wee" describes something small, so Jamie quickly rethought what he'd just said.

The audience screamed in delight for obvious reasons. I also screamed, again for obvious reasons.

But on the set of the first movie, things got weird when Jamie picked the bag he was gonna keep his treasures in, because it'd apparently already been used by someone else!

And obviously Jamie wasn't exactly happy that he was basically wearing secondhand underwear.

So did he change it for a different one, considering there was a selection to choose from? Nope, he went ahead and used inmate number three's penis bag.

I wonder whose penis bag he'll wear in the new movie...

You can watch the full interview here:

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