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    Posted on Feb 1, 2018

    Scientist Are Sharing The Unusual Ways In Which They Use Beauty Products

    Gotta love science.

    The hashtag #reviewsforscience is going around Twitter and it's the most fascinating thread online.

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    If you're too lazy to look it up, or you're on a social media detox, I'll explain what's going on. Scientists are reviewing everyday products we might take for granted, and they're sharing the less traditional ways in which they use them. All in the name of science.

    I think we should all go to @Amazon and leave honest reviews of unusual science equipment #reviewforscience

    One of the products scientists are reviewing is clear nail polish. Yeah, the dull, colorless polish, typically used at the end of a manicure, is apparently more exciting than we thought. According to a molecular biologist, it can be used to seal coverslips on microscope slides.

    #reviewforscience Perfect seal, rapid dry for coverslips on microscope slides. Clear only, sparkly ones interfere w…

    Clear polish doesn't only protect your freshly manicured nails, it is also a necessity for any tropical rainforest first aid kits.

    Must-have in any tropical rainforest first aid kit! Apply topically over entrance to bot fly pupae until maggot die…

    Other scientists chimed in to recommend alternative brands which have also worked for them.

    The #BEASTLab uses Sally Hansen Hard As Nails (Clear) to seal our pollen slides.

    But besides nail polish, scientists use other beauty products in unusual ways, like angled brushes, which are great for bird or fish brains.

    Perfect for manipulating 20 micron sections of bird or fish brain in a -20C cryostat. #reviewsforscience…

    Still having trouble with fish brains? Get yourself some tweezers!

    @DaniRabaiotti @amazon This nonmagnetic toolkit for electronic repairs is perfect for removing intact brains from f…

    Vaseline is a great medium to mix skunk essence, apparently.

    Perfect medium to mix skunk essence for a scent paste that'll last all season for black bear hair snares! Just wish…

    And if you're having trouble cleaning after your fruit flies, this water flosser is what you're missing.

    @DaniRabaiotti @amazon Perfect for cleaning the small chambers of my fruit fly feeding assay. Pairs well with Alcon…

    BONUS: Non-lubricated condoms are actually great to feed bedbugs and sandflies.

    Useful membrane through which to feed hematophagous insects. ⭐️⭐️as attracts comment of purchased on lab credit car…

    And vibrators are the perfect tool to lure spiders out of their dens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

    The other function is a BODY MASSAGER... The primary function I was taught... is, of course, to lure spiders out of…

    Science rocks!