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    16 Useful Makeup Tips That Can Actually Help You Save Money

    A makeup addiction doesn't have to be too expensive.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for their best money-saving makeup tips. Here are some of their responses!

    1. To save on eyeshadow primer, use your concealer instead.

    YouTube: Laura Lee / Via

    "Use concealer as eyeshadow primer. Colourpop’s concealer is great for this and it’s $6. You don’t need to spend $20 on eyeshadow primers. Plus, I think you get a way better base to start with! Especially if you have oily eyelids, this does the trick."


    2. Swap out buying full-sized versions of some products for travel minis instead, especially things like mascara which you have to throw every few months.


    "One of the best tips I ever learned was to buy the travel size of items like mascara, setting spray, powders etc. 9/10 times you’re usually not going to go through those items within their life span so save yourself some coin and just get the minis."


    3. Try this men's aftershave balm instead of splashing out on expensive primer.

    4. Think about what kind of products are worth going high-end for and which ones you can buy from drugstores (e.g. foundation vs. eyeliner pencil).

    YouTube: Roxette Arisa / Via

    "The only high end makeup items you really need are foundation and concealer. For everything else, the drugstore has some really nice selections for a lot cheaper."


    5. Make eyeshadow multi-purpose by using it as a highlighter or contour kit.

    This baked eyeshadow works better as a highlighter👌🏻😍Damn those 3,90€ i gaveee❤️🍒☺️ #yummyeyes #w7

    "Eyeshadows can work as contour and highlight shades. You can find shimmery or frosted eyeshadows in white, light pink, gold, etc. for much cheaper than actual highlighters that do exactly the same thing. For contour, cool toned taupe coloured eyeshadows usually work better as contour shades for me (I’m very fair skinned) than shades actually marketed for contour."


    6. Before thinking about spending a lot on something, spend some time researching the best dupes.

    Cult Beauty / Boots

    "Dupes are you new best friend! For almost every high end beauty product out there, there’s a dupe, and it’s well worth doing your research on these to find cheaper alternatives!"


    7. Get a mini, flexible spatula to scoop out the last bits of makeup from their containers.

    Amazon UK, Amazon

    "Invest in a Spatty Daddy (pictured right). It’s a long spatula with a silicone piece at the end, and it helps you get all of the product out of the containers. It works for lipsticks, foundation, concealer, or any makeup that comes in a component with a small opening at the top. I’m pretty sure the Spatty Daddy is around $10 but there are some cheaper versions on Amazon as well. I guarantee you it will pay for itself when you see how much product is left in your expensive foundation bottle after you think it’s empty!"


    8. If you really love trying new products but want to keep it to a budget, sign up for a beauty subscription box.

    9. Get to grips with multi-purpose products.

    10. Wet an angled brush with setting spray before using a brow powder to get the same effect as high-end brow gels and pomades.

    11. Remove the plastic stopper on wand-applicator items that are running out, and you'll probably get quite a few more uses out of it.


    "On lipgloss, concealers, and any other product with a wand applicator there's a little plastic stopper. If you think you've finished a product, take the stopper out and try again. I can usually get at least another 20% of use than if I'd thrown it away when I'd originally 'ran out'."


    12. Check discount shops like TJ/TK Maxx when buying makeup, as they often have name-brand beauty products for cheaper that the normal retail price.

    TK Maxx

    "If you’re lucky like me and have one nearby, Marshalls/TJ/TK Maxx have an amazing beauty section for skincare. If you’re willing to take the time to hunt around and really go through the mess, you can find amazing gems. I once found a Glam Glow mud mask, full sized in its package, for $30."


    13. Cut up your makeup wipes so that you can get more uses from every packet.

    Twitter: @NoreenYoungCosm

    "Cut up large makeup remover wipes! I get the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes but really only wear eye makeup and some concealer regularly. I cut them in half and then in half again and can get 100 days out of a 25 wipe pack. Throw them in a Ziploc bag and they stay moist the whole time. If I wear a lot more makeup one day I can just use another wipe to get of the excess and I've still only really used half a wipe. Buy generic wipes to save even more!"


    14. Fix your cracked powders with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

    I did the rubbing alcohol trick w/ my broken powder & it worked nicely! :-)

    "To fix a broken powder crush it into little bits and add a few drops of rubbing alcohol until it is a putty like consistency and then push it into the compact again. Press it with a paper towel and your hand, then let it dry and it will be like new again."


    15. Create new lip shades by mixing your liquid lipsticks.

    I saw @ABHcosmetics snaps of them mixing the Liquid lipsticks so I tried it with heathers & pure Hollywood.. 😍

    "Liquid lipsticks mix really easily to create custom colours. I only have about 10 but I can make at least 10 more colours by mixing them."

    – Arryn Shabet via Facebook

    16. And find a way to display your makeup that clearly shows what you currently have, to avoid you buying things you already own.

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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