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21 Things That Will Make Anyone From Philly Say "Yup" And Everyone Else Say "But Why?"

No more Boston cream doughnuts in Philly!

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1. When you chuckle at greased light poles because you know that nothing will stop a true Philadelphian:

Good morning from Philly where crews from the city are greasing the light poles with Crisco to prevent #Eagles fans…

Greased poles can't Foles! Go Eagles!

2. When you know that this dog perfectly captures everything about what it means to be from Philly:

Reddit: /u/BudMoore1234 / Via

3. When pride for your city means banning certain doughnut flavors:

Instagram: @dottiesdonuts

No more Boston cream in Philly! Go Eagles!

4. Whenever you hear someone who's not from Philly try to pronounce "Schuylkill Expressway":



5. When even the cops can't resist a good Philly tailgate:

Youtube: Blake Bandz / Via

6. When things get out of hand and you see someone driving a dune buggy up the steps of the art museum à la Rocky Balboa:

Kid: "Mom, where's dad?" Mom: "He's in jail for riding a dune buggy up the Rocky Steps." #Eagles #FlyEaglesFly…

But you know Rocky would do the exact same thing if given the opportunity. Go Eagles!

7. When someone tells you they don't like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and all you can think is "what a jabroni":


8. When protecting a parking spot means taking drastic measures:

Reddit: /u/cinephile67 / Via

9. Because you know that parking in Philly is actually impossible:

This is the realest Philadelphia welcome you could ever expect.
Reddit: /u/Phillyz / Via

This is the realest Philadelphia welcome you could ever expect.

10. When other cities try to claim they're the most patriotic, but you know they aren't because Philly has the Liberty Bell:

FX, Robertcicchetti / Getty Images

Plus, the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philly.

11. When you see signs like this and are just so proud of how open and honest your city is:

Reddit: /u/Nickycagey / Via

12. When people living in Philly do everything in the most extreme way possible:

North Philly starting they bullshit already 🤦🏾‍♂️

No car? No problem!

13. When not even the formality of the theater can stop that rowdy Philly pride:

Philly is the kind of town where an @Eagles win = the entire theater crowd at the Academy of Music chanting *E-A-G-…

At least they waited until intermission. Go Eagles!

14. When you get extremely defensive if someone says that Philly isn't friendly:

It's called the City of Brotherly Love for a reason.

It's called the City of Brotherly Love for a reason.

15. But in reality you know that even Philly signage is angry and passive aggressive:

Reddit: /u/xreekinghavocx / Via

16. When you know nothing beats a real soft pretzel:

17. When you can fluently speak the incredibly complex lingo of Philadelphia:

Reddit: /u/howlnaked / Via

18. When your recycling bucket looks like this every week:

It's pronounced "wooder ice."
Reddit: /u/dadofanaspieartist / Via

It's pronounced "wooder ice."

19. When seeing this makes you cringe:

We just arrived in Minneapolis, and I’m already calling a flag on the play. #NotAPhillyCheesesteak

20. When preparing for a snowstorm just means picking up a few more things at Wawa:

21. And finally, when you are just so proud of your profoundly weird city:

Embracing 'underdog' status, #Eagles players wear dog masks after beating Falcons…

Go Eagles!!!

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