Here's Why Don't We's New Single "Trust Fund Baby" Written By Ed Sheeran

    ♫♩I don't want a trust fund baby.♩♫

    Up-and-coming boy band Why Don't We is starting off February right, with the release of their catchy new song "Trust Fund Baby" — their lead single off their upcoming debut LP:

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    The song, produced by Steve Mac, is about looking for an I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T girl instead of a "trust fund baby" — à la the song's title. The new single marks the first time the boys recorded music in a "big studio," according to band member Jack Avery:

    The recording process was fun because it was our first time actually stepping into a big studio after recording from our rooms for our other EPs. We went in and connected with Steve Mac, who was really awesome and humble, got some takes done quickly, and now we have this amazing song.

    If the boy's new smash feels a little familiar, well, you're probably a big Ed Sheeran fan because the red-headed Brit wrote the tune!

    And just like the majority of the world, Why Don't We are huge Ed Sheeran fans, especially band member Zach Herron:

    I think it’s just crazy that it’s Ed Sheeran’s song. It’s crazy that he’s given us a song that’s like his baby...I’ve looked up to him forever and I love his music.

    Can't wait to hear the rest of album, boys!