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What's The Scariest Documentary You've Ever Seen?


There are SO many fantastic documentaries out there, but the creepy ones just kind of hook you and don't let go.

21 Laps Entertainment / Netflix

Maybe Child Of Rage freaked you out, because watching a young kid talking about wanting to hurt her family felt unnerving.

HBO / Via

Or you gagged watching The Cannibal That Walked Free, about Issei Sagawa, who killed a woman, ate some of her, and then put her in a suitcase.

Channel Five

Perhaps you cringed instinctively when you saw Tickled, the documentary about competitive tickling.

Magnolia Pictures

Creepy documentaries that are worth watching are hard to come by.


One of my personal favorites is My Amityville Horror, because it's a documentary about the Amityville hauntings — as told by one of the kids who experienced them firsthand.

So tell us your favorites in the Dropbox below to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.