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    Posted on 1 Feb 2018

    Hasan Minhaj On The Cover Of GQ India Is The Thirst Trap We All Desperately Needed

    Brace yourself. He's beautiful.

    Hello, friends. I am a fan of Hasan Minhaj. That's an understatement. This, for example, was how I reacted when I saw him dance at his own wedding.

    BuzzFeed India

    And today I found out that he's dressed all dapper for the cover of GQ India.

    GQ India

    I cannot show you my face after I saw this because I wouldn't want to distract you any more from this beauty.

    Look at Hasan pondering over the compliments he's going to say about you, your beautiful mind, and your sparkling eyes.

    GQ India

    If only Hasan would fight all the red tape and useless visa nonsense in the world to come hold your hand while you cry over how beautiful he is.

    GQ India

    Blessed are we to hear the call of heaven every day when they declare him as the true love we all need, but don't deserve.

    GQ India

    And, at last, I end with this photo of Hasan saying no to all paparazzi at our impending nuptials because this is the husband I want. Tell my mom.

    GQ India

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