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    Updated on Jul 21, 2020. Posted on Feb 1, 2018

    22 Signs You And Your Partner Are Slightly Obsessed With Food

    The way to each of your hearts is through your stomachs.

    1. You have an extensive list of nice restaurants you want to visit together.

    2. Because the best dates always involve good food.

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    3. Your tradition is going out to eat, ordering a ton of stuff on the menu, and then sharing it all.

    4. Or maybe the two of you HATE sharing, which is fine, because you both totally respect that.

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    Enjoying your food separate, but equally. Couple goals.

    5. The majority of your arguments are probably about food.

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    Particularly if one person claims they're "not hungry", but has their hand in your fries 10 minutes later.

    6. But you're both experts in how to deal with the other person when they're hungry.

    me before and after I eat dinner

    7. Your Instagram feeds are essentially just pictures of meals you've cooked together.

    8. Or all the meals you've eaten out.

    9. You send each other more pictures of food than you do of your own faces.

    I'm me making Sofia send me pictures of food

    Who else is going to appreciate your impressive cooking skills?

    10. The most important question you ask each other is "what's for dinner?"

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    And since neither of you are particularly picky, it can take you a long time to decide.

    11. The best thing about travelling together is all of the delicious foods you get to try.

    12. There's nothing more romantic than waking up and finding your partner's made you breakfast, or coming home to a cooked dinner.

    13. In fact, your love language is just about anything to do with food.


    And that's what makes your relationship work so well.

    14. A cosy night in consists of ordering a takeaway and starting a new show together.

    The WB

    These are secretly your favourite.

    15. You know each other's tastes in and out.


    Because it's every food ever.

    16. So your gifts to each other are usually something edible.

    17. Many of your days are planned around eating.

    18. You rarely pay attention to serving sizes.

    MTV / Jamie Jones

    Anything that says "serves two" isn't going to be enough.

    19. You know it's true love when your partner offers you the last bit of food.


    Even though they really want it.

    20. Or when they offer you the bigger half after you've split something.

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    21. The majority of your conversations are about the same thing.

    22. And one of your favourite things about being together is that neither one judges the other for just how much they eat.

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