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18 Things All Movie Theater Employees Secretly Hate And 7 They Love


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1. We love it when people tell us to enjoy the movie.

movie theater employee: enjoy the movie me: you too

We've all done it. No one is judging you. An awkward encounter with a well-meaning human is preferred to getting yelled at over nothing.

2. We hate cleaning up trash. / Via

No one wants to pick up literal garbage for MINIMUM WAGE. Please throw your trash away, just like you do at every other establishment in existence.


6. We love making work friends.

You form a very special, lifelong bond with people once you've cleaned bathrooms together.

7. We hate telling people to throw away outside food or drink.

*only brings purse into movie theater to sneak in snacks*

More importantly, WE DO NOT CARE, so just hide it in your bag.


9. We love catching bootleg recorders.

Paramount Pictures / Via

We may not care if you sneak in food, but we are ON ALERT for people trying to record the movies. If we catch you, we get more money than we normally make in one shift.

11. We hate giving the rewards card pitch.

You might hate getting the rewards card pitch, but not nearly as much as we hate giving it.


16. We hate closing concessions and then opening it again the next day.

No one likes a close-to-open in any job, but washing down popcorn scoopers at 1 a.m. only to have to dirty them again at 9 a.m. is a miserable process.

19. We hate when people walk out of the movie and immediately spoil it.

FOX / Via

We love movies too, so be mindful when you're exiting the theater. I found out the end of The Dark Knight Rises this way, and I'm still bitter.


21. We love putting too many pretzels and hot dogs on the warmer toward the end of the night, knowing there will be extras.

NBC / Via

If you play it right and play it cool, the managers will let you take the leftovers.

22. We hate counting the inventory.

It's unclear what is worse: having to count out EVERY SINGLE popcorn bag and candy item, or knowing that your manager is just going to recount it all when you're done.

24. We hate when people hook up in the theaters.

Universal Pictures / Via

The only thing worse than catching a couple going at it is catching a chronic masturbator. Seriously, movie theaters are DISGUSTING and you shouldn't let your body parts anywhere near the floors or seats.