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    Updated on Feb 25, 2020. Posted on Feb 1, 2018

    18 Things All Movie Theater Employees Secretly Hate And 7 They Love


    1. We love it when people tell us to enjoy the movie.

    movie theater employee: enjoy the movie me: you too

    We've all done it. No one is judging you. An awkward encounter with a well-meaning human is preferred to getting yelled at over nothing.

    2. We hate cleaning up trash.

    3. We hate turning away teens...

    Comedy Central / Via

    We were kids once too, but selling R-rated tickets to an underage person is actually a fireable offense.

    4. ...and carding adults.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    You might be old enough to drink, but you have a young face and we need to be sure. Just take the compliment, because you will be old one day.

    5. We hate having to work every Friday and Saturday night.

    Comedy Central / Via

    Don't even bother inviting a movie theater employee to a weekend event.

    6. We love making work friends.

    7. We hate telling people to throw away outside food or drink.

    *only brings purse into movie theater to sneak in snacks*

    More importantly, WE DO NOT CARE, so just hide it in your bag.

    8. We hate working on holidays.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Christmas is the busiest day of the year and we're REQUIRED to work for no extra pay.

    9. We love catching bootleg recorders.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    We may not care if you sneak in food, but we are ON ALERT for people trying to record the movies. If we catch you, we get more money than we normally make in one shift.

    10. We hate when people comment on the prices.

    Nickeloden / Via

    Have you not been to a movie in 15 years? Not only are these prices the norm, but none of us chose to make them that high.

    11. We hate giving the rewards card pitch.

    12. We love the free popcorn and soda.

    Augenblick Studios / Via

    Employees eat and drink for free ALL DAMN DAY. Customers, you're literally paying for the cup and the bag.

    13. We hate making hot food.

    Artlite / Getty Images

    Listen, it's on the menu so you're free to order it, but the convection ovens are a nightmare.

    14. We hate when someone asks for half a popcorn, butters the middle, and brings it back to be filled up.

    NBC / Via

    First of all, you're slowing down the line. Second of all, you're drowning in sludge.

    15. We hate when people joke about the soda sizes.

    Miramax / Via

    You are not the first person TODAY to make a pee joke, sir.

    16. We hate closing concessions and then opening it again the next day.

    17. We hate the opening weekends of huge movies.

    Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

    It's nonstop madness.

    18. We love free posters, standees, and occasional swag.

    Jamie Jirak

    Here I am, very excited about the Die Hard 5 bus shelter I had just claimed (this was obviously before I saw the movie).

    19. We hate when people walk out of the movie and immediately spoil it.

    FOX / Via

    We love movies too, so be mindful when you're exiting the theater. I found out the end of The Dark Knight Rises this way, and I'm still bitter.

    20. We hate when people complain about the temperature.

    NBC / Via

    None of us has the ability to change the temperature. If someone says they'll fix it, they're lying. Bring a sweater.

    21. We love putting too many pretzels and hot dogs on the warmer toward the end of the night, knowing there will be extras.

    NBC / Via

    If you play it right and play it cool, the managers will let you take the leftovers.

    22. We hate counting the inventory.

    23. We hate when people call for showtimes.

    NBC / Via

    This isn't 1998. USE THE INTERNET.

    24. We hate when people hook up in the theaters.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    The only thing worse than catching a couple going at it is catching a chronic masturbator. Seriously, movie theaters are DISGUSTING and you shouldn't let your body parts anywhere near the floors or seats.

    25. And, of course, we LOVE the free movies.

    Paramount Pictures / Via


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