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    18 Things All Movie Theater Employees Secretly Hate And 7 They Love


    1. We love it when people tell us to enjoy the movie.

    movie theater employee: enjoy the movie me: you too

    We've all done it. No one is judging you. An awkward encounter with a well-meaning human is preferred to getting yelled at over nothing.

    2. We hate cleaning up trash.

    3. We hate turning away teens...

    4. ...and carding adults.

    5. We hate having to work every Friday and Saturday night.

    6. We love making work friends.

    7. We hate telling people to throw away outside food or drink.

    *only brings purse into movie theater to sneak in snacks*

    More importantly, WE DO NOT CARE, so just hide it in your bag.

    8. We hate working on holidays.

    9. We love catching bootleg recorders.

    10. We hate when people comment on the prices.

    11. We hate giving the rewards card pitch.

    12. We love the free popcorn and soda.

    13. We hate making hot food.

    14. We hate when someone asks for half a popcorn, butters the middle, and brings it back to be filled up.

    15. We hate when people joke about the soda sizes.

    16. We hate closing concessions and then opening it again the next day.

    17. We hate the opening weekends of huge movies.

    18. We love free posters, standees, and occasional swag.

    19. We hate when people walk out of the movie and immediately spoil it.

    20. We hate when people complain about the temperature.

    21. We love putting too many pretzels and hot dogs on the warmer toward the end of the night, knowing there will be extras.

    22. We hate counting the inventory.

    23. We hate when people call for showtimes.

    24. We hate when people hook up in the theaters.

    25. And, of course, we LOVE the free movies.