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21 Stunning Photos Of The Fulani Braids Blac Chyna's Ex's Sister Recently Tried To Wear

Black people did it first.

Hi, world! This stunningly regal hairstyle is called Fulani braids.

Blac Chyna's ex's sister recently posted a pic wearing the hairdo, and she referenced Bo Derek, an actress who also tried to wear the style in the 1979 film 10.

We see how that could leave some people confused, so we decided to clear a few things up.

For starters, white people often refer to the hairstyle as "Bo braids," but this is an alternative fact. It was originated by the Fulani people, a primarily Muslim group in West Africa.

It has taken on many variations as black women all over the globe have adopted the style, but there are some common characteristics, like bead accents, that've remained popular.

There is usually a center braid cornrowed in the front of the hair, though this is not always the case...

...and you'll often see a braid or two braided from back to front on the sides.

Fulani braids can be worn in endless ways, like in a high cornrowed ponytail... two high buns...

...and just hanging down.

Black girls are never too young to start rocking Fulani braids, and this perfect cowrie shell–wearing queen is SLAYING them!

For max fullness, we may do box braids in the back.

Or stick with cornrows all over to make the look less dense.

For a super minimal look, fine metallic thread is where it's at.

Of course, there's also both beads AND thread 'cause there's no such thing as doing too much or too little when it comes to Fulani braids.

Slicking down those baby hairs is a cute look.

But it's not at all a requirement.

Braids in the front, Afro puff in the back, anyone? THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS!

Should black women need to show off our striking looks, one may find accessories concentrated towards the bottom so that the focus is still on our face.

The most consistent thing in Fulani braids, tho, is the grade-A symmetry.

And of course, the wig-snatching, edge-plucking, life-giving SERVE of the black women who wear them!

*Black women shaking our heads "nope" whenever someone says "Bo" and "braids" in the same sentence*