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Black History Month

Black History Month

Angela Bassett has the range, and in this essay I will...

What an amazing week!

These kids are already business LEGENDS.

Someone picked the blue pill, apparently.

Because who wouldn't want to know more about MBJ?!

Love is in the air!

Well that escalated quickly.

It's more than jollof rice.

I love this legend.

The best way to end the week!

In chronological order, starting with her Destiny's Child days.

If you were rooting for Harvey and Sabrina, sorry not sorry!

The King of Clapbacks.

These sweatshirts will keep you cozy while showing off all your black pride.

These T-shirts are a MUST for any music lover.

Black authors + YA novels = two of our favorite things!

"What if some of the most iconic women in the world were black women?"

Nothing like a doppelgänger horror film to get your red string theories going!

No matter who you get, you win!

Alternatively titled, "the reason why you've got great taste in music in 2019."

We want to hear all about it!

She acts! She sings! She can do anything!

What a great start to Black History Month!!

"I just put her to bed and I already miss her it's literally been 2 mins."

"When someone knows you from good all the way to the rottenest, dirtiest part of you, and loves you anyway, that's the rarity, that's where you want to be."

In celebration of Black History Month Black Panther will return Feb. 1–7.

So much excellence this week! I could barely type fast enough!

Peace, love, black excellence.

'90s babies, this one is for you!

Couldn't have wished for a better start to the new year!

"So if you're wondering why I'm always turning it with the clothes and the looks, darling, that is why!"

Only the '90s kids know what's good.

So much fierceness in such a young person.

Oh, what a week it has been!

Don't @ me. You know it's true.

Go ahead, see if we're wrong.

Barry Jenkins is the visionary of our generation, periodt.

🎵Oh, it's the most stressful time of the year! 🎵

All this greatness in one single week???!! Whew, chile.

So much excellence in such a short amount of time!

Can't believe that Twitter is free.

Forget about the season of giving, I'm keepin' all these for myself.

It's like no time has passed at all!

Netflix and chill and chestnuts roasting over an open fire.

How am I supposed to choose??

What a beautiful week this has been!

She's the queen we need, not the queen we deserve.

Age is but a number...but ALSO, can you tell us which moisturizer you're using???

Netflix, get on this ASAP!

Just a little something to put a smile on your face this week!

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