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Black History Month

Black History Month

12 Moments Of Black Excellence You Might Have Missed This Week

We've done nothing to deserve Idris Elba.

11 Moments Of Black Excellence You Might Have Missed This Week

The Smith family really are "icons living!"

Products Dawn Richard Can't Live Without

From Satya + Sage candles to the Prism Stalker comic book series, Dawn Richard reveals all of her favorite things.

These Extraordinary Shirts Define Black Pride

These shirts are the definition of BLACK PRIDE.

17 Apparel Companies You Should Be Shopping Right Now

These black-owned apparel brands are EVERYTHING your closet needs.

Eat Soul Food And We'll Tell You What Country You Need To Visit ASAP

Honestly, I'm ready to eat everything on this menu.

29 Black Woman Singers You'll Love If You Love Vocals

Put some respect on black women's vocals.

This Aja Naomi King Interview Will Make Anyone Struggling With Self-Doubt Say "PREEEEACH!!!"

"I started feeling like, 'Oh, I don’t have the right to worry or be anxious because I have all these wonderful things.'"

Here Are 18 Street Foods You Can Only Get In East Africa

From cardamom doughnuts and roasted meat, to stuffed pancakes and sugarcane juice.

Solange Just Dropped A Bunch Of Surprise Photos And Videos, So Now Fans Are Freaking Out

"Solange has ended my life i can’t go on after seeing these photos."

9 Tips From A Chef Who Went Vegan And Lost 50 Pounds

Eating less meat is good for the environment and can be good for your health and your wallet.

This Little Girl Recreated Iconic Album Covers For Black History Month And She Seriously NAILED It

"I hope we ensure that our children have pride and self-love and love the color of their skin and the texture of their hair."

How My Toxic Grandmother Made Me Question My Self-Worth

"She uses me as an empty vessel of things she would tell her younger self if she had the chance."

18 Stylish Pieces That’ll Make Your Outfit So Much Better

These accessories will make your outfit PERFECTION.

If You Want Really Cool Statement Pieces, Fly By Knight Is Absolutely The Brand For You

Who doesn't want a statement piece to rock from time to time?

Zendaya Just Made Major History At A Luxury Beauty Brand And I'm Like "SECURE THE BAG, SIS!!!"

Zendaya said she's "freaking out" about possibly becoming BFFs with fellow spokesperson Lupita Nyong'o.

Beyoncé And Jay-Z Just Shouted Out Meghan Markle In The Most Meta Way, Cuz Real Royalty Recognizes Royalty

"Very classy, pointed support of a black woman being treated repulsively by the UK tabloids."

"This Is Us" Finally Revealed Beth's Backstory And People Are Like "YASSS" But Also "MORE!!!"

"This was the Beth centered episode we deserved!! I want more!!!"

15 "This Is Us" Details That Were Revealed During Beth's Backstory Episode

"She's our little island girl. She danced before she walked."

22 Songs For Everyone Who Loves Old School Joints

Let's be honest, you don't listen to any song after 2001 and that's your right!

Actor Sinqua Walls On Becoming Don Cornelius, Avoiding Instagram Relationships, And Going To Therapy

"In [the black] community a lot of times we don't say 'Ay bro, I love you. What's going on? Let's hop on the phone real quick. I just wanna check-in on you.'"

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