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Solange Just Dropped A Bunch Of Surprise Photos And Videos, So Now Fans Are Freaking Out

"Solange has ended my life i can’t go on after seeing these photos."

So I'm just sitting at my desk, minding my black-owned business, when a co-worker drops this tweet in Slack*:

Solange "Giver of Lives, Changer of Games, Slayer of Natural Hair Touchers" Knowles apparently has a Black Planet profile page?!?!

I feel low-key bad for asking this, but did anyone else know that Black Planet, our beloved social media platform from the 99' and '00s, was still a thing?

Well REGARDLESS, Solange does have a Black Planet profile page. In fact, there seem to be at least THREE different homepages (refresh the homepage and you'll see what I mean). Here's homepage #1:

This homepage is full of delicate, multidimensional shapes, the numbers 1 through 104 (all in parentheses), and a bunch of poetic tidbits, like "I took care of this body off binz. It told me I had no choice. I rested. I I treated it. I listened to that ho."

Now homepage #2 is giving me Afrofuturism vibes on 10000! Here we have three black women, dressed in all black (like The Omen), rocking perfectly sculpted, unapologetically black hairdos.

Still not sure what's going on, but just know that I'm HERE FOR IT. Where Solo goes, I will follow, even into an alternate dimension where black women shoot technicolored beams outta their Flo Jo-esque manicured hands.

ANDDDD, is it just me or is that #MeToo founder Tarana Burke???

WHEW!!! Lemme compose myself...Alright, so homepage #3 seems to be a mash-up of homepage #1 and select video clips of what'll ~hopefully~ be a future music video and/or visual album.

On to another page titled "Dossier," which showcases 24 ethereal images and videos featuring rodeos, cowgirls, and cowboys; pole dancers; beautiful, well-lit black people in various settings; and, of course, Solange herself.

And that's it!!! TBQH, I'm just glad sis gave us time to get our affairs in order before she slays us all.

I'm not alone in my hysteria, of course. Solange's tweet actually set Twitter ablaze, placing the singer smack dab on the Worldwide Trending list.

Y’all I know I’ve been begging the universe to have my good sis Solange release some art but BABYYYYYY

Simply put, we're inspired...

Solange using Black Planet to market her new material/projects is exactly the type of content and marketing and branding and dope shit that I aspire to do! Cause it's real AF.

...we're intrigued...

...we're shook...

...we're dead...

solange has ended my life i can’t go on after seeing these photos

...but most importantly, WE. ARE. READY.

Solange bringing BlackPlanet back?!! Let me get my graphics ready to spruce up my page.

So now, we wait. All I have to offer in the meanwhile is this sickening photo from Solange's upcoming cover story with i-D but between her Black Planet page and A Seat At The Table, that's more than enough.