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15 Parenting Hacks, According To Black Millennial Moms

All in a day's work.

Look — being a parent is hard.

1. Label and fill healthy snack baskets and place them at your kids' eye level.

2. Teach your kids how to help you in the kitchen.

3. When flying, keep your baby from crying by giving them a bottle on take off or landing.

4. Carve out some time for yourself by letting your younger children sleep in bed together.

5. Pump milk while driving.

6. Meal plan every weekend and save yourself hours of weeknight kitchen time.

7. Sneak greens into their smoothies and juices.

8. ...Or grate similar-colored vegetables into their meals (like carrots in their mac 'n' cheese).

9. Wake them up using the theme song to their favorite show.

10. ...Or try starting their day with a 5-minute meditation, or some mindfulness games.

11. Use bubbles to practice deep breathing.

12. Stock up on vaseline to prevent diaper rash (it's a classic tip for a reason!).

13. Store breakfast in your car.

14. Label everything in your home.

15. Use videos to initiate hard conversations.

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