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Delia Cai • 3 days ago
Delia Cai • 4 days ago
Delia Cai • 5 days ago
Delia Cai • 5 days ago

Season 3 Of "Stranger Things" Broke A Huge Record For Netflix In Just 4 Days

Hawkins fans and seasoned binge-watchers, you've done it again!

Delia Cai • 6 days ago

21 Tweets About Steve Harrington Wearing A Sailor Outfit That Will Convince You To Watch "Stranger Things" Season 3

Move over, Hopper's Hawaiian shirt and Nancy's belted dresses, because Steve's lil' uniform is the only summer look we care about now.

Delia Cai • 7 days ago

Carly Rae Jepsen's New Video For Her Song "Too Much" Is Downright Mesmerizing

When Carly Rae's soft dancing, we're all soft dancing.

Delia Cai • 13 days ago
Delia Cai • 17 days ago
Delia Cai • 17 days ago

I Looked Up What 17 Of My Biggest Emo Boy Band Crushes Are Doing Now, And Wow, So, Everyone Is Very Married

The Way brothers are writing comics, Never Shout Never guy is moving to New York, and just about everyone else has kids??

Delia Cai • 18 days ago

25 "Guy Secrets" Shared On Reddit That Are Equal Parts Funny, Heartfelt And Honest

"After a shower, we have no problem drying our balls and face with the same towel."

Delia Cai • 24 days ago

I Have Never Felt More At Home Than When I'm Reading This Reddit Thread About All The Beautifully Weird Things People Do When They're Alone

"I hold my boob with my hand. I don't know why, I just find myself doing it unconsciously."

Delia Cai • 24 days ago
Delia Cai • 25 days ago
Delia Cai • 27 days ago

Get Your Mockingjay Pin Ready, Because We're Getting A "Hunger Games" Prequel Novel Next Year

And there's a theory that the main character could be our girl Mags!

Delia Cai • 28 days ago
Delia Cai • One month ago
Delia Cai • One month ago
Delia Cai • One month ago

Here's A Bunch Of Photos Of Celebs At Celine Dion's Las Vegas Show That Both You And Your Mom Will Appreciate

Adele, Shania, Kim and Kanye are just a few who've made the holy pilgrimage to Caesar's Palace.

Delia Cai • One month ago

Which Boyfriend From "Always Be My Maybe" Are You Meant To Be With?

Are you meant to be with Marcus, Brandon, or Keanu??

Delia Cai • One month ago