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    This Simple Hack Will Completely Change The Way You Wear High-Waisted Jeans

    Pretty inJEANious stuff!

    We're living in a golden age for wearing jeans, my friends — specifically, the age of wearing high-waisted jeans again.

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    It only took 20ish years, but the fashion industry has finally given back our right to wear pants that fit our natural waists!

    Unfortunately, since we haven't quite reached the point where denim automatically adjusts to the fluctuations of our beautiful and wondrous bodies, there inevitably comes a point where your jeans sometimes don't fit...

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    Maybe they used to fit, or maybe they're just a pair you found at a vintage store/your roommate's closet/that random box of your ex's things, and you just can't pass them up.

    And sometimes, for whatever reason, they're just too big around the waist.

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    In the olden times, your options would basically be limited to reaching for a belt, possibly investing in suspenders, or maybe taking the jeans down to the town tailor... / Via

    Or my favorite: wearing them anyway and hoping nothing falls down!

    But we don't have to live that way anymore, people. There's a brilliant hack out there that lets you instantly resize loose jeans, and this is it:

    Since this hack was posted on the Depop (a social shopping app) Instagram account on June 11, the video has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

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    ^^Actual footage of me logging at least a few hundred of those views on my own.

    Jeans-wearers everywhere have had their minds blown...

    Though of course, some people pointed out that it isn't TOTALLY foolproof...

    And that, yes, you DO then have to contend with the brand new frontal crease you've added to your jeans.

    Which is probably why this hack only REALLY works for high-waisted pants, and specifically a more resilient material like denim.

    But you know what? If this lil' hack helps you get more wear out of your favorite jeans, then it will all be worth it, and you should definitely send us pics of you and your self-resized jeans, okay?

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    I already know you all look GREAT, and if you need me to be the Carmen/Lena/Bridget to your Tibby, just say the word!!