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12 Sex And Relationship Quizzes You Should Take Because It's Valentine's Day, Baby!

We got your V-Day plans right here.

1. Can You Guess What These Sex Toys Are For?

"Is this even a real thing???" <- you, taking this quiz and learning a new thing or two.

2. How Many Of These Things Do You Like In Bed?

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How do you feel about tickling though??

3. How Many Places On This List Have You Had Sex?

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Bonus points if you've done it on a water bed!

4. 10 Impossible Rounds Of Relationship "Would You Rather"

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Take this with your partner, and prepare to defend some pretty tough choices...

5. We Know What Your Next Romantic Partner Will Be Like Based On Just 5 Questions


Promise they'll be great!!

6. We Know What Sexual Role You Play Based On Just 5 Questions

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Do you take more of an active role, or a versatile role?

7. Your Zodiac Sign Will Tell Us What Kind Of Porn You Should Watch

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In case you needed some ideas...

8. This Quiz Will Reveal Your Secret Sex Talent

Warner Bros. / Getty Images

What's your unique brand of sexpertise?

9. This "Would You Rather" Is Impossible If You Have Sex With Men

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Would you rather give up oral sex or penetrative sex??

10. Tell Us Your Emoji Preferences And We'll Tell You Your Relationship Status

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Didn't you know that emoji are the windows to the soul?

11. We Know How You Masturbate Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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It's allllll written in the stars, honey.

12. And finally: Can You Guess Which One Of These People Is Using A Vibrator?


Happy guessing!