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Just 25 Quizzes About Beyoncé That You Need In Your Life

In case you somehow *still* don't know which album you are!

2. Only Die Hard Beyoncé Fans Will Pass This Trivia Quiz

3. Can You Spend All Of Beyoncé's Money?

4. Everyone Is Either Beyoncé, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Or Rihanna — Who Are You?

5. This Is What Beyoncé Would Think Of You If You Were Her Kid

6. If You Can Identify 12/15 Of These Beyoncé Lyrics, You ARE The Beyhive

7. Let's See If You Have The Same Opinions About Beyoncé As Everyone Else

8. Which Beyoncé Album Should You Listen To Based On The Playlist You Create?

9. Which Beyoncé Era Are You?

10. Only Real Beyoncé Fans Can Identify These Music Videos Solely From One Screenshot

11. Which Chapter From Beyoncé's "Lemonade" Visual Album Are You?

12. It's Time To Find Out If You're More Like Beyoncé Or Rihanna Based On Your Choices

13. The Beyoncé Looks You Choose Will Determine Which One Of Her Movies You Should Watch

14. Which Beyonce "Homecoming" Song Are You?

15. We Can Guess Which Beyoncé Outfit You Like Best

16. If You Can Place The Songs From Beyoncé's "Lemonade" In The Correct Order, We'll Be Impressed

17. Create A Beyoncé' Playlist And We'll Tell You Which Coachella Outfit You Are

18. Which Beyoncé Album Represents You?

19. Which One Of Beyonce's Twins Are You?

20. Which Beyoncé Hairstyle Are You?

21. Can We Guess Which Beyoncé Album Is Most Relevant To Your Life?

22. Are You The Beyoncé Of Your Friend Group?

23. Choose Six Beyoncé Songs And We'll Tell You If Your Crush Likes You Back

24. The Hardest Game Of "Which Album Must Go" Beyoncé Fans Will Ever Play

25. And finally, Can You Name A Beyoncé Song For Every Letter Of The Alphabet?