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Tell Me What You Call Instagram For Short Because I Want To See If This Popular Theory Is Correct

According to this Twitter user's theory, it depends on how old you are!

As many of you may know, we at BuzzFeed have a thing for sowing light intergenerational discord between Gen Z, millennials, Gen X, and the boomers.

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As a young millennial myself, I think it's super interesting to see how factors like technology not only shape entire lifestyles or habits between generations, but how these differences show up in the smallest ways.


(But also, I don't not love the internet drama!!)

Which is why, when I came across this viral tweet from @steph_mcca earlier this week, my interest was instantly piqued.

teens call it "ig" young millennials say "insta" and old millennials say "gram." what do i do with this research i have been collecting it for months and i am very proud of it


A ton of people seemed to indicate that this was a pretty accurate assessment...

@steph_mcca As a young millennial I do say insta so I feel oddly validated by this lmao


@steph_mcca @Sarcasteph so fucking accurate... I call it insta and the children in my year call it ig but all my adult friends call it the gram wowowowowowo


@steph_mcca I am currently a junior in college so my peers are mostly 97-99 kids and if we don’t say the whole word it’s typically “insta” but in text form it’s split between insta and ig. So as far as Millenial-Z’s go, you got us right


While others either wholly disagreed or pointed out that it's a little more complicated than that.

@steph_mcca I type IG but verbally I say Insta because Instagram feels too long and saying IG confuses most people.


@steph_mcca I’m a Gen Xer and I call it Insta but hate myself every time I do. Which is pretty on brand for my generation.


FWIW, the theory seemed to hold up among my own friend/work circles, so now I want to put it to you guys via a little nonscientific Mad Men-esque focus group: What do you call Instagram for short??


And does it line up with your age according to the theory??

  1. Let's settle this: What do you call Instagram for short?

    Let's settle this: What do you call Instagram for short?

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Let's settle this: What do you call Instagram for short?
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    "Gram" / "The Gram"
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    Something else

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