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    If Disney Princesses Were Viral TikTok Influencers

    Elsa and Anna know all the popular TikTok dances, obviously.

    1. Princess Tiana: The Recipe Influencer

    Tiana holding a cake decorated with vines.

    2. Belle: The Book Influencer

    Belle showing off a book to the camera

    3. Mulan: The Catfish Queen

    Mulan performing the "Candy Shop" light ring transformation.

    4. Moana: The Travel Influencer

    Moana dressed as a VSCO girl holding a Hydroflask.

    5. Pocahontas: The Social Justice Expert

    Pocahontas doing the "put a finger down" challenge.

    6. Rapunzel: The Lifestyle Influencer

    Rapunzel painting a wall in her room.

    7. Snow White: The TikTok Soft Girl

    Snow White snapping a selfie outside.

    8. Megara: The TikTok E-girl

    Meg making a silly face at the camera.

    9. Cinderella: The Shopping Haul Influencer

    Cinderella showcasing a glass slipper.

    10. Elsa and Anna: Iconic TikTok Dancer Duo

    Ana and Elsa drawn as Charlie and Dixie D'Amelio