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These Extraordinary Shirts Define Black Pride

These shirts are the definition of BLACK PRIDE.

Personal style is just one of of the endless ways that black people celebrate their extraordinary history and look to empower themselves and their community.

One of the most timeless means through which blackness has been proclaimed in fashion is through both T-shirts and sweatshirts adorned with statements of black pride, photos of black icons, and other artistic expressions of the black experience.

With their inarguable ease and ability to be paired with a range of pieces from anyone's wardrobe, T-shirts and sweatshirts are the ideal sartorial vessel through which the story of blackness is told. And in celebration of the year-around greatness of all things black, several BuzzFeed creatives rounded up just a few of the shirts and sweatshirts in their closet that embody their black pride.

A shirt that'll let everyone know you are BLACK AF at all times.

A shirt to celebrate the magnificence of your glorious crown.

A shirt to pay your respects to all the fearless figures who've helped shape black history.

A shirt to remind anyone you meet that BLACK MINDS MATTER.

A sweatshirt so you can swing all your good vibes at the memory of The Greatest — Muhammad Ali.

A shirt that'll prove the forever fact that Crime Mob's "Knuck If You Buck" is a National Treasure.

A shirt which can put all the culture vultures on watch — because we have NO time for that.

A shirt that'll let everyone know you aren't afraid to put a little Stankonia on it.

A shirt which'll prove that black women are truly EVERYTHING.

A shirt that'll outline all the elements of your greatness.

A shirt that'll proclaim the simple truth that black women deserve your support.

A sweatshirt for anyone who's about their business and won't stand down to any challenge.

A shirt which pays homage to the history of the iconic Black Panther Party.

A shirt to remind people to #BuyBlack whenever and wherever they can.

A shirt that'll have you ready to take a 1000th listen to Janet Jackson's legendary The Velvet Rope album.

A sweatshirt that'll make a undeniable statement about how you feel about your blackness.

A shirt to show support and love to all of our trans sisters.

A shirt to let everyone you meet know they still can't touch your hair.

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