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28 Dope AF Sweatshirts You Need In Your Closet ASAP

These sweatshirts will keep you cozy while showing off all your black pride.

1. A sweatshirt that’ll let people know you ain’t mixed with nothing else but BLACK.

2. A sweatshirt to provide a much-need geography lesson for those misguided individuals who still think Africa is a damn country.

3. A cropped sweatshirt so it’ll be known you are BLACK by popular demand.

4. A sweatshirt to rep all the fierce houses from the beloved documentary Paris Is Burning.

5. A sweatshirt so you can let the world know that Blackness needs NO approval.

6. A sweatshirt that'll commemorate every damn time on Girlfriends when Toni Childs decimated the name of Maya Wilkes' son Jabari.

7. A sweatshirt to share your love for the Adorned by Chi goddess Gogo.

8. A cropped sweatshirt that proclaims ALL things — especially your Black Pride — ain’t illegal.

9. A sweatshirt honoring the genius of the extraordinary Audre Lorde, who used her gift of writing to offer powerful commentary on black womanhood, civil rights, and feminism.

10. A sweatshirt to express your unwavering Black Power wherever you go.

11. A sweatshirt which'll take you back to the greatness that was and will forever be Beychella.

12. A sweatshirt so you can show some serious love to all the black nerds out there.

13. A sweatshirt you can customize with the founding year and colors of your HBCU — sure to have everyone at homecoming trying to copy your flawless sweatshirt style.

14. A sweatshirt to represent your love for the black mecca that is Washington, D.C.

15. A sweatshirt to give your take on that whole “What does God look like?” conversation.

16. A sweatshirt that poetically reveals the universal truth about black girls.

17. A sweatshirt to give some major respect to all the fearless black ancestors who inspire us to keep striving for greatness.

18. A sweatshirt with a stunning snap of the formidable Marcus Garvey, leader of the black nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements.

19. A sweatshirt to honor the legacy of Malcolm X.

20. A sweatshirt for sharing the universal truth that black culture is a worldwide inspiration.

21. A sweatshirt to keep you inspired to keep buying BLACK.

22. A sweatshirt so you can celebrate your love for Crenshaw — the home of SO much black history.

23. A cropped sweatshirt to praise your gravity-defying hair and all your fabulous melanin.

24. A sweatshirt that shouts out the African country you call home — especially if you’re a first-generation American.

25. A sweatshirt to commemorate the extraordinary Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm — the first black woman elected to Congress — and her historic run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1972.

26. A sweatshirt that’ll encourage you continue to create your own narrative.

27. A sweatshirt to let your fashions show just how magnificent your BLACKNESS is.

28. A sweatshirt that celebrates the beauty of a black man’s smile.

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