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17 Apparel Companies You Should Be Shopping Right Now

These black-owned apparel brands are EVERYTHING your closet needs.

1. Amyang Fashun — for African-Inspired apparel and accessories curated by artisans from West Africa.

2. Shop Oasis — for show-stopping handbags, wraps, and other accessories.

3. Lukafit
 — for vibrant activewear that'll make your workouts so much fiercer.

4. Philadelphia Printworks — for T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel that celebrates black history.

5. Royal Jelly Harlem — for gorgeous skirts, dresses, tops, and other apparel in breathtaking prints.

6. Stuzo Clothing — for gender-free sweats, T-shirts, sweatshirts which'll have you looking like greatness.

7. Shirts Be Like — for dope apparel inspired by the greatness that is blackness.

8. Legendary Rootz —for gorgeous outerwear, sweatshirts, and tees that carry messages of black pride.

9. Dope On Arrival NYC — for swimwear and other apparel that'll have you ready to shut down the shore.

10. Adorned by Chi — for fabulous apparel inspired by the brand's magical comic universe.

11. Malaika Apparel Co. — for empowering apparel and accessories that'll have you looking like perfection.

12. Splendid Rain Co. — for dresses, hoodies, and other apparel to make a major statement.

13. Rebecca Allen — for nude pumps and flats that'll change your closest forever.

14. HGC Apparel — for vibrant apparel that's a little '90s and a lot of FLYNESS.

15. Fly by Knight — for epic sweatshirts and T-shirts inspired by pop culture icons and all things blackness.

16. Project 96 — for shorts, jerseys, outwear, and other streetwear sure to make your OOTD amazing.

17. Chris Chanel — for sweatshirts, T-shirts, and accessories that are unapologetically BLACK.

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