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Aaliyah Would Have Been 41 Years Old Today, And Twitter Is Remembering Her Life And Legacy

She truly was one of a kind.

Jan. 16 marks the birthday of singer Aaliyah, who would have been 41 years old.

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She and eight others died in a plane crash over the Bahamas in 2001. Aaliyah's influence surpassed music — in only seven years, her impact spanned across culture, beauty, and fashion.

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Now, make no mistake: At 15 years old, she released Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number in 1994, which reached No. 3 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. Her sophomore album, One In A Million, reached No. 2 on the R&B chart and sold over two million units within a year of its release. So yes, she was POPPIN' from the jump.

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Stepping out on the music scene, Aaliyah immediately stood out for her fashion sense. She was the girl who could hit the red carpet in full-on gowns by top runway designers like Roberto Cavalli...

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...or partner with athleisure brands such as Tommy Hilfiger while rocking baggy jeans, bucket hats, sports jerseys, and basketball shorts.

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In a 1994 interview with MTV, she described her personal style saying that her clothing matched her musical taste in jazz and classic R&B. “I’m mellow so my style matches that,” she said. “I am a laid back person, which is what I portray on camera. It’s not much of a difference so that’s why it’s so easy.”

It was Aaliyah's ability to straddle the fashion lines between streetwear and runway that made her stand out to designers, stylists, and the musical elite.

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"Aaliyah taught me how to wear the boys’ pants and the baby tee look," model Paloma Elsesser once told Complex. "She showed me authenticity in a world which seemed constructed. The girl who was sensual not sexy. She is eternally the one. I’m still upset she’s gone."

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People on Twitter are remembering the style and music icon, remembering how impactful she was in ONLY seven years:

Happy 41st Birthday to Aaliyah 🖤✨ Years later and you’re STILL as relevant as before. In only a 7 year career span, you’ve made a huge impact in the music industry. #HappyBirthdayAaliyah

Not to mention how young she was putting out this QUALITY music:

I’ll never get over how beautiful Aaliyah was on top of being super stylish and having such a good ear for music at not even 25 years old :(

The GOAT Missy Elliott paid her loving tribute to our favorite R&B princess:

#HappyBDayAaliyah you are still inspiring people! Your edgyness & smooth dancing SO EFFORTLESS your UNIQUENESS & STYLE unmatched 🔥MUSICALLY your songs will 4EVER be NEXT LEVEL! RIP babygal 4Ever Loved🕊🙏🏾❤️

She inspired people to learn her choreography and brought us together for a unified purpose:

I remember my sister and I trying to learn the dance to “Are You That Somebody.” Happy Birthday #AALIYAH. It'd be amazing to see what she’d be doing now.

"Back & Forth" was a crowd favorite, we can't deny:

Wow #Aaliyah would’ve been 41 today. I remember dancing to Back & Forth in the mirror with my little sisters. I remember recording all of her videos so I could learn the dances. Happy Birthday Aaliyah 💖

People want to know why her music is STILL not on streaming services:

Woke up to no aaliyah music on streaming platforms....

But she would be dominating the music game if she were still here today:

The queen. She would have been owning the 2000s even now. I hope you are slaying it in Heaven, girl. #Aaliyah

Your legacy and impact live on, Aaliyah! We love you!

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