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29 Black Woman Singers You'll Love If You Love Vocals

Put some respect on black women's vocals.

Don't get us wrong, we love the Ariana's and Adele's of the world. But we also love the black women whose voices they emulate. White privilege in the music industry is real, and black woman vocalists rarely see the same commercial success as their white admirers. So here's a list of #blackgirlmagic to support and follow if you love soul, R&B, and just downright good music.

1. Jade Novah is a singer, songwriter, comedian and actress, and here she is singing in her house with no engineering, no production, no instruments — just a whole lot of control and precision.

2. Very few people can cover a song by Dorinda Clark-Cole, and Sheléa is one of them. Anybody else hear God when she sings?!

3. The term songbird was made for people like Mikela July whose vocals are the sweetest sound we've ever heard. Also, do you hear her perfect harmony? With herSELF?!

4. Zero wasn't our favorite number ... and then Ashley Jayy sang it and we've never wanted to be a zero so badly.

5. Ali Caldwell completely bodying "My All" by none other than Mariah Carey just goes to show that she can sing absolutely anything.

6. Diddy said Leah Jenea's voice is special and to say we agree would be an understatement.

7. Ari Lennox's sound makes us think she's been here before. Also, does Erykah have another daughter we don't know about?

8. Candice Boyd's remix of "Don't" is an anthem, and we need her to blow up immediately. Thx, management.

9. Kateri Bluford puts a little church on everything she sings and to that we say thank you, Jesus 🙌🏿.

10. We'll press repeat all day long just to hear Tayla Parx's raspy tone.

11. When you mention the ones with a sound so distinct you know who it as at first hear, don't forget to say Nao's name.

12. Ahjah is a student of Brandy and it shows. #Swipe and learn, kids.

13. Summer Walker's voice and live acoustic sessions just go together, like pb&j.

14. Chloe and Halle have the co-sign of Beyoncé and after hearing these vocals we understand why.

15. Ruth B. makes singing look effortless, and that's why we love her.

16. Juzang's perfect three-part harmony makes us miss girl groups...

17. ...As does June's Diary's anointed vocals on this gospel classic. *Weeps to altar call*

18. Karina Pasian is an angel amongst us and nobody can convince us otherwise. #Swipe and bless your ears.

19. Nevaeh is singing proof that there is big power is calm voices. She sounds like a sweet dream.

20. Katlyn Nichol sings and plays and we STAN a multi-talented musician!

21. Carvena makes us feel whatever she sings, so we're currently mad at the boyfriend we don't even have.

22. Evvie can flawlessly execute this hit from Tina Turner, and CVS ain't got nothing on her receipts.

23. When Victoria Monet isn't writing number one's for Ariana Grande, she's creating her own music. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

24. Rhyon Brown's voice is a sweet balm we'll never get tired of.

25. And Ravaughn's smoky vocals immediately put us at ease.

26. Bridget Kelly makes sure classic R&B lives on forever and ever and ever.

27. The way Brooke Valentine makes it sound so easy tho! She hasn't missed a beat.

28. Netta Brielle feels every single lyric and note, and they don't make them like her anymore.

29. And Inayah Lamis has bars AND vocals, and her talent knows no bounds!

Follow and support black woman vocalists!