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21 Beauty Brands That Deserve Way More Attention Because They're Honestly Just That Good

For us, by us. All month, all year.

Brooke Greenberg / BuzzFeed

As someone who sees beauty upfront and personal every day, it still astounds me when women-owned and minority-owned businesses are not recognized and equally represented in the beauty market.

Nina Manandhar / Getty Images

Unfortunately, the beauty and makeup industry have struggled to make everyone feel equally represented in its products, formulations, advertising, and even media exposure. I, for instance, can recall many times going into drugstores and not being able to find suitable shades for my brown complexion; Alternatively, I could find a few more options at high-end department stores, but oftentimes it would be at the hands of a white salesperson who would not know how to properly match my undertones. Even seeing brands that were targeted to Black women only to find out they were owned by white parent-holding companies didn't feel the same as having something for us, by us.

While representation is slowly progressing, it's important to see and recognize the hard work behind many of these businesses that are being created for people of color, by people of color. The reality is Black-owned beauty brands are making their own beauty rules, one product or client at a time.

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The truth is that African Americans make up more than 13 percent of the U.S. population, but only own 7 percent of businesses. Now, why? The answer to this question can vary, but factors such as racism, discrimination, and predatory lending are all factors because many aspiring Black business owners have been unfairly turned down by banks when applying for small business loans. (If you want to read more, check out more info here). So the point is it's important to support brands and businesses that are available because of the work it takes to get here.

Here are 21 Black-owned makeup, skincare, and hair care brands and businesses that should immediately be on your radar (and that you should shop, shop, shop):


2. Studio Lush

3. Mented Cosmetics

4. Juvia's Place

5. Epara

6. Fenty Beauty

7. The Honey Pot Company

8. Latched and Hooked Beauty

9. Lust for Nails

10. BLK + GRN

11. Pat McGrath Labs

12. Kreyòl Essence

13. The Lip Bar

14. Coloured Raine

15. Mary Louise Cosmetics

16. Jacqs

17. Black Girl Sunscreen

18. AJ Crimson Beauty

19. Base Butter

20. Crayon Case

21. AcARRE