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27 Black Canadians You Should Be Following On Social Media

A little #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackBoyJoy to up your social media game.

Black History Month is almost over, but there's no question that we should be celebrating Black Canadian Excellence year-round! Here's a list of some of the Black Canadians that you should be following on social media.

1. Catriona Smart

2. Vanessa Bowen

3. Nineteen85

4. DJ Lissa Monet

5. Ro Joaquim

6. Shannae Ingleton-Smith

7. Shan Boodram

8. Tyrone Edwards

9. Kayla Grey

10. Grace Mahary

11. Kathleen Newman-Bremang

12. The Canadian Black Standard

13. Lex Niko

14. Sasha Exeter

15. Avery Francis

16. DJ Big Jacks

17. O'shane Howard

18. Vanessa Craft

19. Ashley McKenzie Barnes

20. Adeela Carter and Amoye Henry

21. Ayesha Curry

22. Kayla A. Greaves

23. Osob Mohamud

24. Donte Colley

25. Shaun Boothe

26. Amanda Parris

27. Cleo Ellis

This list of people has in some way or another brought knowledge, laughter, or joy to my social media experiences over the last few years and hopefully they will do the same for you.

Share the love and let me know in the comments who your fave Black Canadians on social media are and why!